I cant start overwatch

This issue is extremely frustrating because I almost exclusively play overwatch and have for years. I have done nothing new with my pc or downloaded any new games and one day overwatch worked, today it doesn’t. This is ridiculous not only because literally nothing has changed about my setup but it loads in part way and then disappears. Never have I had such an issue someone fix this.


Well you’ll need to upload your current pc info for tech support when one gets here, but until then, make sure your drivers are updated, and make sure you haven’t made any changes to your video drivers. Those are common causes for crashing with overwatch. Sadly I don’t own a pc so I can’t help you further, but I’m sure a tech support member will be here soon.

Whats weird is that I have StarCraft 2 and heroes of the storm installed and both of those games work just fine. There must be a difference for them to work and overwatch doesn’t but I don’t understand it.

Hey there,

Can you post your DXDIAG for us?

  1. Press Windows Key + R.
  2. In the Run window type dxdiag and press Enter.
  3. In the DirectX window, click Save All Information.
  4. Name the file “dxdiag” and save it to your Desktop. Open the new dxdiag file with Notepad.
  5. In the posting section hit the </> button for “Preformatted text” then paste (Ctrl+V) the DXDIAG contents. That’ll make the information much more readable.

If you are unable to post this due to the length of the DXDIAG, please feel free to use pastebin.com and share the direct link with us instead. Use the </> button as well in order to share the link.

I’m having the same issue https://pastebin.com/vjbRpbLz

Please start a new thread. It’s too messy to trouble for multiple people in the same one. :slight_smile:

OMG It has literally been one day and now I turn on my computer and overwatch works fine with no changes whatsoever. I swear this game is out to get me. A long time ago it used to crash the second I got on competitive even if I had been playing ANY OTHER GAMEMODE for any amount of time. This game hates me.

Problem signature:
P1: Overwatch.exe
P3: 5ee1721a
P4: RzChromaSDK64.dll_unloaded

Try the steps from the pinned thread (you can click delete on your other thread):

The forums is telling me to wait for someone else to post and I cant include links either in my posts so Jambrix was trying to help me with my problem and I cant post anything. Hopefully you see this Jambrix and use this link but without the spaces cuz I had to work around the system preventing me from posting a link.
https : / /pastebin .com/dl /yXypHk vv

Nicole’s recommendation is correct here. Razer appears to be the cause of Overwatch crashing on launch, so getting that taken care of will get you back into the game.