I cant see who my teammates main?!?

I hate social interaction.


low elos will love it but i dont see any use even in high plat. It will only cause toxicity because if they see you hiding your profile it will be because you indeed have something to hide. no one likes that, only you. good luck picking high skill heroes with profile hidden.

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What they could do is, make it a must to have public profile if you want to use find group feature

This is gonna make gm+ ranked absolute cancer. Normally if I insta lock zen I check if there are any one tricks on the team and let them play it instead, but now the 1 tricks that can’t play anything else will just quietly play their 15% winrate moira and literally throw.
Wanted to play hanzo but there is a much better hanzo main with a higher winrate? oh well I guess you’ll never know now! Good job blizzard.


I know right? I can already see situations when someone takes away my main from me, then I try to talk to them and say that i have over 100 hours on them and lots of dedication to the character and all they will say is “Oh but I also have 200 hours and a 60% winrate on this character” but they are lying and they actually have 30% winrate and 10 hours but I can’t say anything about it since they have their profile hidden.
Then I’ll be forced to play my weaker characters which I normally only play when my main isn’t working while they play their “main”

If someone is hiding his profile, maybe it’s because he has only played Comp in like 3 seasons, LONG ago, and has a really bad Comp rank because of those early and bad matches. And when playing QP now, each time he says something in chat, someone will say “You are only silver, how do you dare … blablabla”.

That’s really bad and really annoying, that’s why I greatly appreciate this feature, at least for QP. I do not care about Comp.

It’s kinda funny how a lot of the pushback against private profiles are arguments that inadvertently support one-tricking.



That is very much true.

but I think its mostly so they can openly mock them and gain group support in said mocking.

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Get over it, and use the new looking for group tools if actually talking to your team is difficult for you

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Ah yes. “Hiding”.

What exactly? Their skill?
They’re at the same rank as you, so probably around the same skill.
And if they just happen to pick the same hero you wanted, there is no more “I got 300 hours versus your 30 on that hero. Lemme play that hero nao I command you!”.

Their main?
If someone is picking a hero, it’s either their main or they are trying something else. Either way, they would not play that hero if they did not feel confident in it. If you can’t assume this, you are part of the toxicity problem in OW.

That they’re a smurf?
Smurfs are legal. But if someone is throwing, you should report them based on their current gameplay, NOT on their hero history or winrates. There’s always a chance someone changed their ways or changed their main, and you should not report people based on their profile statistics. The past is not (always) an indication for the present or future.

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so you have 3 hanzo mains, a torb one trick and 2 mercy mains on your team, how does knowing that help you build a team?

or you have a rein a zarya a mercy and a zen main on your team but can’t see that.

which team comp is more likely to be good?

Or maybe… you know… you can ask them?

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You do understand that most people end up “mercy mains” because no one wants to play healer right? There’s a good chance they are better at DPS than the actual DPS seeing as how they have learned where to position themselves by playing mercy or any support and knowing where they’d want the DPS to be to live longer. If anything you should be happy that people can play what they want to now and will perform. Not act like a they are a DPS god but can’t hit/kill anything.

Most healer/tank mains in comp play those roles because no one else wants to, but they themselves usually know how to play DPS. Its rarely ever the other way around which is actually a hindrance to improvement. If you don’t understand the importance of the other role through actually playing them then you won’t be playing well on a team.

More like have to, don’t expect to see any tanks or healers around anymore lmao.