I can't login to the battle.net app

I keep getting the same message of “Please enter your password” every time I try to log in on the app and i get this weird function code underneath of it.

Howdy Kdog,

If you haven’t already it would be a good idea to restart the PC. You may also want to clear out the temporary Blizzard app files here. If this persists, try clicking the cogwheel then go to settings then security and uncheck Remember email address and logging in again.

Neither of those fixed the problem I keep getting this function message that is over 150000 characters long when I try to look at my account on the app or in the website.


Can you get a screenshot of the error message you get when trying to log in, upload it to a site like imgur, and post it here? If you have link errors, copy the code below, then copy/paste your link between two ` marks, it’ll break the link and let you post it. You can just copy paste everything in the box below and replace “Link goes here” with your link.

Link goes here

I have the error message in an email just tell me where to send it because the error message is to long to fit on my screen to take a screenshot of it.

Hey Kdog,

You can send that to techinfo@blizzard.com

Keep in mind this inbox isn’t for direct contacts. It is only for when you are working with a support agent. Make sure to follow up with us on this thread after the email is sent! That way someone knows to check for it.


I just sent an email to the techinfo@blizzard.com about the function error I have been having the subject of the email is just Function Error.


You weren’t kidding, that is a massive error. Let’s completely nuke and reinstall the Battle.net application and see if it helps. First uninstall the battle.net application. Once you’ve done that, let’s take down other data that may stick around. You cleared some of this earlier, but we’re going to be way more thorough this time.

  1. Press Windows+R to open the Run prompt
  2. Type one of the below locations and press enter:
  3. Delete any folders which say Blizzard, Battle.net, or Blizzard Entertainment
  4. Repeat steps 2/3 for all 4 locations above
  5. Grab a new Battle.net application installer from our website and run it

First of all this is not my main account. So on my real account i have the game, my name is xxgiordanoxx#2344, i bought some games there and i have the email with the purchase confirmation. the other account in wich i dont have the games is this one. i tried to log in in the first one but i cant i changed the password got the sms with the code but when i put the new password it wont let me in my real account. how can i get in my main account (xxgiordanoxx#2344) and not use the second one ? for some reason both acc are linked to one email.