I cant launch the game

As the title says I cant launch the game for some reason. I am able to enter the client and click the play button but all it does is brings up a black screen then closes back to the client where I can click play again. Ive reinstalled the game a few times now and repaired it as well. I also tried updating my drivers and widows too and that still didnt resolve this issue. Anyone have other suggestions to fix this problem?

Are you using Razer Chroma devices?

Otherwise, some third-party app is blocking you from launching. Things like antivirus, other apps with overlays, or even if you have a drawing tablet plugged in could be the culprit. Let me know if the above works for you.

Lol for some reason I did have my razer synapse still downloaded from long time ago even tho I use logitech peripherals now and I when I installed it my game worked perfectly. Thanks for the suggestion!

Glad to help, enjoy your games!