I can't climb help plz

I used to be diamond for quite a while but am somehow stuck in low Plat and can’t get out.

Here is my last game CKSENG, I am too tilted to watch it. Every game is like this. Its so bad that I can’t even care about my mistakes as they feel tiny in comparison to my soft throwing teammates.

I’m not near my computer right now, but I can help you a bit. I’m assuming you are talking about your dps rank here, what dps do you usually play? Dps depends a lot on very good accuracy, so don’t sweat it too much if your dps isn’t very high, because unless you grind your mechanics on aimlabs for a long time, it won’t change. As for dps heroes that don’t rely a ton on mechanics and are still very strong at plat-diamond level, I would learn Torb, Mcree, Reaper, or Echo. These characters all can make really big plays in your games without requiring insane mechanics (Echo is probably the hardest here, Mcree is a lot easier than you’d think).

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Well I climbed from bronze to plat and the only 2 things I learned were: Elo Hell is real, and the only way out of Elo Hell is to babysit ur teammates, This is hard to do as a dps, which I main, but what i did was practice peeling for healers, play as tho u were the healer, what would u want ur dps to do

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I did the same climb, but I am currently up to Diamond in open queue, which is my comp gamemode of choice. If elo hell was real, both of us would be stuck in Gold right now. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you play, if you can get out of those lower ranks in solo queue, there is no “elo hell”.

Yeah I was talking about dps. I can honestly play any hero and get to Diamond pretty easy with tanks and supports as doing your own job is often enough.
Here just won a 5v6 on the same map QVPRSP and but I already know the next one will be unwinnable. It’s always win loss win loss and the game expecting me to carry without space or heal.

Are your mechanics really good? Think of dps as a mechanics measuring system. Off the top of my head, diamond is like top 10% so if you can’t get diamond on dps don’t sweat it too much.

I noticed this and in some games it works thing is if I start saving my Ana from Doomfist I become his focus. Ana won’t care as she is not getting harassed anymore so I am on my own. Thing is as McCree it’s not safe to 1v1 because even if you land crits he will live because of shields. As Ana I would have to yeet the sleep to not get out alive.

I watched your Rialto play…

I think swapping off of Ashe was not legit.
—— Defense
A. You played widow into Shimada’s.

  • Hanzo vs. widow is a pretty serious skill matchup below mid-diamond, but with the additional pressure of never knowing when Genji is gonna dive you? Hanzo’s gonna win that fight much easier…

B. You went Soldier. I didn’t really see you get much value there. I could be wrong but I don’t think I am.

C. You “had” a mercy. Ashe works better with mercy than soldier or widow. Widow doesn’t need the mercy pocket to 1-shot.

—— Offense
A. Your early/mid-game tracer didn’t do a super lot. Though I did like the stick on Ashe, you also got caught in 1v2s almost every time you died…
B. The swap to McCree was legit perfect!! You got incredible value all the rest of that game. When you had to come back as tracer you did way better at forcing 1v1/finish-off fights and it worked for you.
C. Even though it’s ladder, I think you’ve fallen into the same trap that a lot of people do and are trying too hard to solo-hero. I think there were a couple of times you could/should have played closer to Rein.

Just my observation/opinion :woman_shrugging:t2:

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so playing with the team and helping team mates won more games than wandering off alone to 1v6 their team. crazy how that works.

Sounds accurate but I find it hard to change my playstyle as I would have to have less apm to play “optimal” for my rank.

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Okay, so when you are playing Def you should always pressure the enemy front line as much as possible.

So first instance with Ashe was your positioning, you were in the Midline (just behind your tanks) when you should be further back.
This effectively increases your LOS allowing you to see more of whats going on.
Moving forward to clean up is a good habit, keep it up! :slight_smile:

During your duel with Moira she was effectively flanking you taking your attention away from the front line.
The duel kept on to the point where the enemy pushed forward and you were right next to them where they could hear your duel or Moira communicated this.
When Attack heroes play Def they are vulnerable to flankers like this unless your dueling skills are enough, ironically they should be Flanking to get the most value.
You throwing dynamite over the enemy shield is a form of Soft flank which is why it works on Def.

During your switch with Widow, this part of the map was not great for it and I would have been further to the right near the boat area to snipe as it is less expected.
But ultimately you were pressured by the Enemy Hanzo.

The Attack Soldier switch can be good if you flanked more, but you are up against a Defensive Hanzo which prevented your value.

The best choice for this round would be Junkrat, his sheer spam DPS is enough to destroy the Rein shield, once down the McCree can get picks and so can Roadhog etc.
Due to how Junk uses terrain as cover you can spam round corners without being picked off by Hanzo.

Attack phaze:

So your team has a Flankline heavy comp, problem is you both are soft flanking when you should be hard flanking.
Only when ults were being invested did you and genji hard flank and then your team progressed to the next checkpoint.
You can learn more on flanking here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8swznffBIoM

Now after the checkpoint you the enemy counter flanked you with a Lucio and genji. Lucio is a support but he is also a Flank support, when you have they both its 2v1.
At this point I would choose a Defence DPS to pressure the enemy Flankers like you did with the McCree.
You see this? This is you when you chose the McCree against genji:

After pushing under there was not much focus on Genji, you should always hard focus the Flankers when you are a Defensive DPS.
The panic ult near the end was not great, unless you have some confirmation that you can get kills with your ult then you would just drag out a long struggle fight like it was there.

Your player Balance:
Mechanical skill = 20%
Game sense = 20%
Positioning = 30%
Teamwork = 15%
Composition = 15%

Suggestions to improve:

Sanity check your mouse:
Review your mouse sens to ensure its correct.
Also enable the high Precision mouse input setting under the gameplay settings.

Grind Deathmatch to improve your mechanical skills, something feels off about your mechanical skills when viewing in the replay.
It might be because your out of practice or your not warmed up.
If you want to improve your reaction timings, ensure the buffering settings are turn off or low and enable reduced buffering.
You can also check out OSU which is used by many E-sport players, it can provide good training or help you to warm up faster than OW as not all games are that mechanically demanding. https://osu.ppy.sh/home

You can learn about composition using my guide, I simplified the fundamentals of team Compositions so its easy to understand.
Once you grasp the knowledge of Team compositions you can get a better understanding of how and why things can turn out like they did.

In that guide is also other guides for positioning and what kinds of heroes come under what category, This will help you go over the basics.
With Ow its easy to get caught up in technical stuff but when you go back to basics you can just sanity check yourself from there.

Something feels off what do you mean? Thanks for the detailed review I will try to learn from it. Didn’t know there was such and option in the gameplay settings lol.

I don’t think your description of my skills is good though. To me my positioning is my weak point as I get myself killed too much. And I don’t see me as a team player. I help my team whenever I can yes but I blame my team a lot for my mistakes.
Example: me losing to a Pocketed dps - > our mercys fault for not pocketing me too for a fair fight.
Sure I could take better angles to outweight some disadvantages but in my mind those mistakes get overshadowed by something like Mercy sticking to our full hp reinhardt as it seems more devastating.
Which is why I tend to ignore my mistakes and feel like I didn’t deserve that lose.

I know I don’t play flawless but I feel like I play better than my team. For example after that game I felt pretty mad because it felt like me and Genji carried that to the best of our ability.

Its like when you were duelling with Moira your shots were rather erratic for some reason and sometimes your shots on McCree were not great in the last stretch of the game. (saying that the McCree shots may just be spam shots)

Observations are prone to differ in opinion but we can work together to find a solution. :slight_smile:

Me talking about very detailed things. .

You can choose a hero that synergizes well with the team rather than expect anything from the team, a good balanced team composition can make the team strong. When you started for the attack your Midline was weak and you had a flankline hero, you as a DPS could choose a DPS that pressures the enemy Frontline to fall back.

OW is a team game in such a deep sense, its not as simple as many people think.
There are ways you as a DPS can empower the team even more so than the supports on your team if you know the right hero to pick.

The thing is you have two types of counters in OW.
Positional counters as mentioned in my Positional guide and hero counters.
Hero Counters are basicaly Kit that can hard counter a hero.
A positional Counter is a position that can eliminate another.

Flankline can counter Backline.
Backline can counter Midline.
Midline can counter Flankline.

(you just gave me an idea to add something to my positional guide, thank you :D)

Equal positional duels (Like Widow Duel) can tilt the match in your favour.
When you delete a positional section of a team it can greatly cripple them.
If you just deleted the enemy Midline their Frontline would not be able to push or hold position for long.

Basically. . .
Check you position is not being countered before assuming your traditional positioning is out of position.

The guides I made and linked explain a lot of why things turned out like they did once you grasp the knowledge.
If you reapproached OW with my guides you could get rid of a few bad habits with new understanding of the game.

I don’t know what your DPS rank is (not that it matters) but, we’re only casual players, not masters/GM.

Lower ranked players experience a lot of inconsistencies in their aim. In my best games, I still have moments where I don’t hit anything. :woman_shrugging:t2:

I mean, your play style is clearly based around a higher expectation from your teammates (you used to be Diamond and now you’re stuck in low-mid plat). So you need to try and play with the expectations that your supports are low gold/high silver.

Even Diamond support players mostly have high gold (at best) mechanical aim. I guess what I really should have said is you need to increase your “up time” and play closer to your main tank (when you’re lucky enough to have one) so you can peel.

In the game I watched, neither you or your DPS counterpart did a lot of “play making” or peeling. Though honestly your front line was very weak courtesy of your off tank :unamused::unamused: but we don’t always get good teams so…

But on attack, you and your other DPS put in some solid work… BUT… But there were definitely times where neither of you were around Rien and/or Ana when they needed you. :frowning:

That Moira that Tiberius mentions, waxes Ana (solo) at least once from my memory. At least if you were there, you could have tried to prevent it. And I’m not saying it’s solely YOUR responsibility but because it’s ranked queue (assumedly you’re solo-queuing) “you get to be the play maker/solo-hero.”

A point I made on another post today was that being DPS isn’t always about having gold elims and gold damage. Sometimes it’s about shutting down their opportunity to make plays on you.

Btw: I know for a fact I played against you on my way to Diamond in season 22 and I remember you having great aim. Definitely not hacker accusations level aim, but enough that we lost one game against you and won another game a couple queues later.

just click on the head

Thanks and yeah it’s dumb to call me a hacked for my inconsistent aim as the other guy pointed out lol.
Not an excuse but I changed sensitivitys a lot, still feel the need to because I am not happy with my aim but for now I will stick with 4.5 x 800.

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Do you use the same sense for all your heroes?

4.5x800 was my old settings for Ashe/Cree/Soldier.

I use 3x1200 for most everything else.