I believe Ana is being mentally killed off


Even though Ana recently got a buff her problems aren’t being addressed. I’m starting to truly believe they don’t want you playing Ana. With comments like…

With comments like this for Mercy there’s no way for Ana to compete against her or even Moira. Her negatives are overpowering her positives. Without any of her weaknesses being weakened or removed along with the damage value and mobility getting higher and higher it’s just going to get worst for her.

I just get even more convinced when every healer has voicelines now when being attacked except for Ana. Who’s already known for being the worst support to defend herself as it is.

The mental state of the players will eventually get so bad that whenever she’s finally in a good spot or gets fixed nobody is going to bother wanting her on the team because they’re so used to all the other healers giving some kind of consistent healing.


R.I.P Ana…


I was truly disappointed when I saw the ‘buff’ she recently got. But here’s the thing…
Buffing NANO will not benefit ANA. It will only benefit her TARGET she uses it on.
Ana still is in the pitiful state of not having self healing over time or mobility like literally every other healer (xcept zen has no mobility either)


Yeah, their ‘‘don’t worry Mercy mains’’ attitude is a little annoying considering they left Ana in F tier for over a year.

I don’t think they have some hidden agenda to prevent people from playing Ana though. Otherwise they wouldn’t buff her in the first place.


All they really need to do is give her self healing and I think she’ll be perfect. Mobility would be a plus and doesn’t hurt either but self healing would make all the difference I feel.


They’ve been missing these voicelines and will be adding them for the rest of the supports except Ana’s.

Why? Because of difficulties scheduling with the Voice Actor. Not because they want her to die.


It’s really hard for me to believe that Ana can have a place in the game because mentally is a huge factor. When the players give up on it that’s it. There’s nothing you can do.

The Seagull interview with the devs made it worst because they seem totally lost with Ana and Seagull himself said the game has changed so much. Their comment didn’t sit with me well…

“Because of Ana’s kit being so strong if we buff or fix her weaknesses she will be used every game.”

That comment seriously made me say WTF!!! because that comment has been Mercy this whole time ever since of her rework. She has been the most broken hero of the history of Overwatch!


Ehh… once people see Ana getting played at high level play again, they will pick her up. People aren’t playing Ana because her learning curve is significantly longer than her superior counterpart (Mercy) while also being less rewarding.
I don’t think Ana should be the better pick over Mercy at the low to mid ranks.
But people should be more open to an Ana in their team once they see the pro’s playing her again.


I believe this as well but then Moira takes the spot. As an Ana player myself its hard to see the true value of picking Ana with all those negatives.

I still play Ana even though she has all these negatives because I like the character. But in all honesty there is no real reason to play Ana.


B-but I wanna play Ana more without being nagged to go Mercy…

Why Blizzard…


Ana really isn’t as weak as people make it out to be.
She’s stronger than Sombra, Symmetra and Bastion from a balance perspective.
Ana could still use some love, but Mercy and Zen both provide irreplacable tools while also being consistent. (Luckily they’re nerfing one of them)

We should give the incoming balance patch a chance before losing all hope for Ana. Remember, they nerfed Mercy’s healing output by 17%, and they buffed Ana’s best support synergy; Lucio.

If Lucio becomes meta, Ana becomes meta.
If Ana becomes meta, Lucio becomes meta.

They cover most of each others’s weaknesses.


If Lucio becomes Meta then Moira becomes his partner. I know Lucio covers Ana’s weaknesses but Moira and Lucio compliment each other better.

I’m going to give the balanced patch a chance. But Ana is getting weaker because of how the game is changing. It’s not getting better for her its getting worst and the value she gives is the easiest to shutdown along with the low reward it gives on top of the how easy she is to kill.

I’m a DPS/Flex all Support and as Sombra and a especially a Doomfist player as well, Ana is a free for Doomfist even more then Zenyatta and that’s say something. Even if both Ana and Zen hold similiar weaknesses.

The difference is Zenyatta’s value is much higher and worth it. Ana is a main healer who doesn’t give in the value for its worth and that’s the problem.


Yep. I’m tired of having to choose in every battle when I play Ana:

  • Grenade myself and live but team mates die
  • Grenade my team and I die


I have been begging and made post repeatedly saying Ana needs a passive-heals more than anything!

And I’ll post it again…