I beg, yet again, for Blizzard to -please- address smurfing

Rofl… I cannot even tell if you are serious or not, but I love the post regardless.

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While he does address it the question after 2-2-2 was implemented is now why do people smurf? The original reason was to learn a new role and not soft throw your games due to your lack of experience on a hero or role you are not suited for at your current rank.

Now with 2-2-2 you get separate Sr for each role. So it is clear the only reason people smurf or make alt accounts is just for easier games.

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Well now that is just downright logical thinking there.

That first point is a pathetic excuse. DotA and CS:GO managed to implement it without a single hitch. There’s no excuse to say “Oh we can’t use mobile authentication, it’s too hard”

If you seriously can’t even afford a $50 smartphone, you clearly can’t afford a PC or Overwatch.

EDIT: For Ranked.

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I do find smurfs annoying gameplay wise, but my true issue with them is how easily they can circumvent rules. So long as you have a smurf account, you can be toxic, throw and cheat all with the safe piece of mind that if your account gets banned you can just use your other account. It allows players to blatantly ignore rules of the game.


The captain has insisted that the boat has in fact not hit an ice berg, and is actually doing just fine! Please ignore the water pooling at your ankles and return to your leisure activities, everyone!

Straight up just played three matches and back to back each match had no less than 2 smurfs and a maximum of 4 in each one. And yes, I do know how to identify a smurf, it’s the level 4 Doomfist that’s obliterating everyone while his team mocks us in chat about it while our smurfs pat him on the back for what a good job he’s doing because they’re happy to take the loss and keep their account low. It’s not exactly rocket science to see what they’re doing if you, y’know actually play the game at all at an average level where us normal players exist, but that would be asking too much I guess.

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Wait… isn’t Korea requires that?

If they do, they are doing it right and other countries are still lagging behind way too much.

Gods. Every couple qp games I’m in, if there’s anyone under 1 star I immediately bet they’re a smurf, because in a game witt 4 0stars, 2 of them will inevitably be smurfs in my experience. A level 13 doomfist should not be destroying a team with a silver border. It’s mostly a problem for those of us who have a lower qp mmr, because we have to suffer the smurfs who are here just to roflstomp the rest of us.


It’s because of Korean PC Bangs that allowed for infinite smurfs and cheaters getting their rental PC hardware banned

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Sorry mate I have to tell you, unfortunately, they won’t do anything to solve it.
They don’t care about people experiences in their game, as long as they sell more accounts.


How laughable to tell someone else what they experience.
I logged in today to play and that is LITERALLY what happened. Every game had 2 or 3 under 30 bronze accounts STEAMROLLING our team of mostly silver/gold border players.
Every… single… game.
After the 5th or 6th game it’s ridiculous. No, they aren’t just playing better. No, it’s not because they killed me. They were obvious high level players trying to ruin lower-mid level player’s game for fun.


If that would be true, how are Gold to GM streams possible? It is so insanely easy to cheat the matchmaker by soft throwing.

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Somehow devs seem to think that wasting 20 minutes of our valuable spare time does not mean anything and we enjoy this experience.

Where is the Blizzard I once loved and admired? The Blizzard where a great gaming experience and fun were top priority.

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Murdered and chucked in the dirt by quarterly earnings reports.

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Dude. I’ve played this game for years and I still haven’t gotten silver border yet. My gameplay is split between PC, Xbox and PS4. What you’re suggesting is just not feasible.

Yeah as I said, maybe that’s too much for casuals…

I’m a casual now but prior to the last few months I was a high Masters/GM player since season 4. My history in this game is well beyond the casual experience.

Usually what you do is unranked to GM and after ranking you get placed in high plat low diamond which is just where you end up if you stomp placements

As for soft throwing, the problem is designing a system to determine when its happening versus when someone is playing badly because they are not as good at a hero.

Maybe that was a bad choice of word.

“Yeah as I said, maybe that’s too much for people who split across 3 devices…