I beg, yet again, for Blizzard to -please- address smurfing

They really should ban Unranked to GM. It was educational for the first time, it is unhealthy for the 1000th time.

Make it so you get the CP reward of your current rank instead of your season high at the end of the season.

Make it so if the player caught on cheating, hacking, smurfing, then every account on that IP gets banned.

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You only present the facts, which is why i said i disagree with the devs, not you in particular. Of course your individual experience could be different, but thats anecdotal and doesnt invalidate the experience others have with the game. I’m not sad about my average rating. My problem are the games where you play a “plat” game and there is an enemy Widow farming our entire team the whole game without the rest of the enemy team having to do anything. Thats just dumb and unfun and ruins the game. This makes you question why even have match making at all since its allowed because “iTs JUst A fEw GAmEs” git gud scrub they deserve the win because they are better than you. Just aim better 4head

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Can you just stop … Just stop.

Stop blowing this way out of proportion.

There is absolutely not ‘multiple smurfs in every single game in QP

That is a serious exaduration and you know it.

We get it. You don’t like smurfs.

However one thing I did notice is you gave absolutely nothing as a solution to the smurf problem.

Good job with that.


You could be that level in 4 months easy based on an average of 4 hours a day.

I believe in working for a goal, not just making a new account and being handed it on a plate.

This is true. I myself reached level 600 around that time.

But can you say this for the majority of the playerbase? Yeah there are passionate players like you and me, but I still think that is way too much of a lofty goal for something as simple as a video game.

On a personal note, I believe in strong goals but with something important to be gained by fulfilling them. For me, a lofty goal is getting my degree in graphic design, which is something that this game inspired me to do. By the end of this year, I will fulfill that goal and will unlock a world of potenial in my career. I guess the point I wish to challenge you is spending four months just to unlock access to a game mode in a video game a worthy goal? I personally don’t think so.


Depends how long you wish to stay with the game I guess, for us, we have been there since the beginning so it’s a non issue. I tend to devote my life to one main game for years. Right now that game is overwatch, before that I did 5 years on WOW, before that about 10 years on counterstrike . I love games with a learning curve, and indeed I am still learning things about Overwatch even now.

Perhaps it may put new players off. Maybe you’re right, perhaps it should be around 1 month of gameplay to unlock.

Similar things happened with WOW, at the beginning we grinded for hours and hours to get to level 60 and the full wrath set. Then they made an expansion, new green gear was better than the stuff we had worked on for months. That was the begining of the end of Wow for me. Although I do have fond memories of rl guild meets and 40man raids.

I’ve digressed, I don’t have all the solutions or even if there is a solution to smurfing. I guess there is a balance of a drop in drop out fun to play game that some people want, and a serious competitive mode that others want. The way I see it right now is the former is spoiling the latter somewhat and that Veteran level players that have put the work in to get where they are should have some form of compensation to prevent new(old) players just making new accounts and ruining their day.

Perhaps a worthy goal for something like contenders.

But a competitive mode for a digital ego? Nah.

Lock the number of accounts per device to one. Blizzard can hardware ban people if there’s proof they’ve committed violations on multiple accounts, so they could apply the same concept to the number of accounts per device.

That would get rid of families that play Overwatch though, which is kind of ratchet. And what would happen to the preexisting alt accounts?

Not far enough. Require government ID.

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If you have pre-existing alts, you’d get a message saying something along the lines of “new rules are in effect, we noticed you have multiple accounts on this device, choose one, you’ll get a refund for the lost ones” or something like that.

Rofl… I cannot even tell if you are serious or not, but I love the post regardless.

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While he does address it the question after 2-2-2 was implemented is now why do people smurf? The original reason was to learn a new role and not soft throw your games due to your lack of experience on a hero or role you are not suited for at your current rank.

Now with 2-2-2 you get separate Sr for each role. So it is clear the only reason people smurf or make alt accounts is just for easier games.

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Well now that is just downright logical thinking there.

That first point is a pathetic excuse. DotA and CS:GO managed to implement it without a single hitch. There’s no excuse to say “Oh we can’t use mobile authentication, it’s too hard”

If you seriously can’t even afford a $50 smartphone, you clearly can’t afford a PC or Overwatch.

EDIT: For Ranked.

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I do find smurfs annoying gameplay wise, but my true issue with them is how easily they can circumvent rules. So long as you have a smurf account, you can be toxic, throw and cheat all with the safe piece of mind that if your account gets banned you can just use your other account. It allows players to blatantly ignore rules of the game.


The captain has insisted that the boat has in fact not hit an ice berg, and is actually doing just fine! Please ignore the water pooling at your ankles and return to your leisure activities, everyone!

Straight up just played three matches and back to back each match had no less than 2 smurfs and a maximum of 4 in each one. And yes, I do know how to identify a smurf, it’s the level 4 Doomfist that’s obliterating everyone while his team mocks us in chat about it while our smurfs pat him on the back for what a good job he’s doing because they’re happy to take the loss and keep their account low. It’s not exactly rocket science to see what they’re doing if you, y’know actually play the game at all at an average level where us normal players exist, but that would be asking too much I guess.

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Wait… isn’t Korea requires that?

If they do, they are doing it right and other countries are still lagging behind way too much.

Gods. Every couple qp games I’m in, if there’s anyone under 1 star I immediately bet they’re a smurf, because in a game witt 4 0stars, 2 of them will inevitably be smurfs in my experience. A level 13 doomfist should not be destroying a team with a silver border. It’s mostly a problem for those of us who have a lower qp mmr, because we have to suffer the smurfs who are here just to roflstomp the rest of us.