I am getting punished for a server error

hello, I am very frustrated and mad about the recent events that has happened, what happened was that i was in the middle of a competitive match in watch point my team was doing fantastic almost getting to the 3rd point but then it kicked me out for “unexpected sever error” I imminently started to panic and checked my wifi and NOTHING was wrong with it i tried to get back into the game to rejoin the match but it said i was offline I was MAD at this point because i had to wait 50 seconds to let me go back online and I could not do a thing about it. i knew that by the time i signed back in that I could not get back into the match that WE WHERE WINNING so by the time i got back in i lost a lot of SR and all for what for a ****ING SERVER ERROR. and now i am being punished for something i had no control over thanks blizzard. if this reaches anyone from the overwatch team i just want to say thank you for your time in reading this and if there can be any way in fixing this

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commenting so people see it, maybe try the bug report thing too?

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Welcome to OW! The only game I ever drop from, only comp mode too, I NEVER drop QP or Arcade games. Makes you wonder.

I believe that 6 AM - 7AM Tuesday morning PST is when Bliz do their maintenance.

Anyway Battlenet has a notice about the exact times. On the off chance that this truely is a Bliz issue, I strongly recommend that you read the notice and don’t play comp during the window Bliz say maintenance is happening.

Note: Its typically 1 hour per week.

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