I’m a bap main stuck in silver!

I’m a support who mains bap but will play Lucio, Moira, or Ana. I’m stuck in silver and need out! Plz help :slight_smile: add me at kaleyy3#1117

How can you be that low with bap? Such op character. Problems with aim probably.

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Lmao it’s not me, my aim is fine (which is why I also play Ana). It’s just I need a group cause randoms drag me down

When your aim is fine you are already masters or at least diamond… Add me in discord FXtrt#6552 I will show you how

Oh so this is a solo game? Teams don’t matter at all? Ok gotcha. Don’t act like your random teammates haven’t dragged you down😂

At your rank, yes, team doesn’t matter, only individual performance and solo carrying, esp on that hero.

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That’s such bs lmao I could have 15k+ healing and it doesn’t mean anything if my team doesn’t play together or have bad dps

Bro, I can do only occasional shift healing as bap and I will skyrocket from your rank. You don’t get what hero you play, and your role is a support, not a healbot. No more talking around, want to understand things - you have my discord up there.

Who tf do you think you are😂 I’m just on here asking for more people to play with since it’s a TEAM game… your input is irrelevant. I do dps with him too dumbass, I know how to play the character I just want people to play with

I know tf I am, you don’t know. You think you stuck? You need rank up? Then go I boost you, why would someone play with anchor. Or I can give you gold/plat/dia/masters account and tell me that teammates drag your down there too =) If you are looking for mates, then say you need mates to play with, not that you stuck or struggle, no hints, be straight. Want to rank up - start acting, talking here not gonna help you the same as 15k healing per match, lol.

Yo get your narcissistic self outta here, no one asked for your input on how I play. It ain’t that serious. Go stroke your ego somewhere else