Huge frame drops and performance issues since latest season

GTX 1660Ti
Ryzen 5 2600
16GB Ram

I dropped in this season from STABLE 180 to 110 (capped)
I almost lost 39% of performance wtf?

As other people already reported this bug, I suggest to fire Aaron Keller and fix this performance problem.

Already did a clean OS reinstall and booted this game on clean OS - same problems.

I have the exact same problem, but for me I can not even play anymore, performance is below playeable and freeze every 2/3 seconds

Another one here. Last game played (and only game) it was at 5 fps

You should know that if you want a response directly from a blizzard rep, you should create a ticket with support. Creating a post on #technical-support is not the same thing, but the community may be able to help you. To do so, we’ll need diagnostic information:

You can also look through the pinned posts to learn a bit about common problems amd solutions.

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