Huge delay on keyboard imputs?

So since OW2 came out i wasent able to play normaly. At first i though it has something to do with latency but once i enabled the option to see it ingame i noticed its only around 40, which is normal for me. Not sure what causes it but it seems like it affects movement only. I am able to shoot normaly, move my camera normaly but when i try to move theres a HUGE delay on it and once i start moving to that direction i cant seem to stop. Something you would experience at a really high ping. Any idea what it might be?

The average is showing 40ms, but is there packet loss? Check the netgraph for large orange spikes.

Would you mind sharing with me how do I do that ?

Ctrl+Shift+N toggles it on/off.

Yes, there have been big spikes in both orange and white color.

That would mean you’re having hardware delays and network delays.

Add a DxDiag and WinMTR here.

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