Hud disappearing after rejoining a match

I was playing a basic unranked match and at some point during the match, I started lagging heavily till it disconnected me from the match. Once it did connect again and put me back into the match, my hud was gone. everything was gone, no reticle, no teammates outlined, no names. I am playing on xbox and this has happened a few times and with different characters. I had already checked my buttons to make sure I hadn’t accidentally toggled the hud off (I don’t have that set to any button at all so I couldn’t have) even double checked that it wasn’t set on any of the characters I could remember it happening to while playing. I didn’t start experiencing this issue until after the season 9 patch.


The same thing happened to me in arcade. I played the new Cosmic Crisis and left the first time we wiped because I thought it was over. When I rejoined everything was gone :confused:

This has happened to me on Cosmic Crisis too.

When the section restarts after a team death, almost everything HUD just disappears, my crosshair, health, ability cooldowns, ultimate charge.

The only things I can see are my teams health, section progress, and enemy health if I manage to hit them.

It’s making it near unplayable, especially in the higher difficulties

exact same thing is happening to me too. i’m so frustrated i can’t play this game anymore. i don’t even rejoin i just happens in a comp/quickplay game.