I got -50 SR because “I left the game”. I didn’t leave the game, the game threw me out so I needed to restart the client.

I was in 2588 and now I’m in 2538. Hope you can fix that. Much love.

Sorry for the harsh words, I was really annoyed by the fact that the game threw me out without me having a Disconnect.

Needed to add the Link to the Title because I couldn’t send in the Topic with the Link inside of it. :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Dave aka. JstDave

FYI, We can’t copy the title url because the letters are automatically converted to uppercase when your URL is case sensitive.

Furthermore, there can be a variety of reasons why a disconnection can happen, but all technical issues will still count as leaving the match and be penalized appropriately.

I will note, if disconnections are happening while you are attempting to stream on Twitch, you may need to stop streaming to see if that frees up bandwidth. If you are still disconnection even while not streaming consider these troubleshooting steps first.

Otherwise please post in the Technical Support forum for more help.

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