HP < Shields < Armor

In exchange I want rally to speed buff my entire team, kthx.

Right? So?


200HP < 75 Torb Armor < 200 Zarya Shields < 75 Shield Gen < 150 Rally Armor

EMP activated?

200 HP < 75 Torb Armor < Shields wiped out < 150 Rally Armor

Don’t worry, shield gen is going.

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From a coding standpoint it either works as it does now, HP/Armor/Shields or it works the new way of HP/Shields/Armor.

Its either or. You cannot have both.

I refuse to believe that.

We can grow organs in a lab but we can’t change how a health bar works in a game?


Reality has more holes in the code to let bugs become “features”.

And its a matter of how complex and illogical people want the new health bar to be. Trying to code that would be a pain because all armor is treated the same. Same with shields.

I also personally do not see what the issue is with turning Zen and Zarya into durable monsters. Since shield gen is going the way of the dodo only they and Symmetra herself will still have shields.

You do realize Torb’s armor is the same as Brigitte’s right? Why would they stack differently.

It can be done.

A lot of things can be done with games.

But not all things are easy to do.

And not all things are easy to work with once they’re done.

And some things cause more trouble than they are worth.

And sometimes people like to reduce all coding and development to a simple “just push the button to do the thing” action that can be done when in fact their suggested changes are so inane and messy that it would be preferable to suggest simpler changes that have the same effect without causing problems down the line.

Example: You want Brigitte’s armor bonuses nerfed.

Your solution: Alter everyone’s healthbar to confusingly stack bonus armor after normal armor and after bonus shields, causing balance changes and nerfs to other heroes in the process.

A solution produced after considering your solution for 3 seconds: Nerf Brigitte’s armor granting abilities.

How hard is it to make Brigitte’s armor a slightly off color orange and call it “armor B” and Torb’s “armor A”

Not that hard.

Same with Doomfists “shields”

His are a different color blue, like Lucio’s decaying shields. So you have “shield A” (like regular shields) and “shield B”

“armor B” (Brigitte shields) always sit on top of all other types of health.


Not hard.

Both Doomfist’s and Lucio’s shields stack together. It would be better to just make Brigitte’s armor disappear/degrade which is more in line with you example.

Because Doomfist and Lucio both have a specific type of shield: Decaying, non regenerative, or it might even be called Barrier health.

Brigitte and Torbjorn on the other hand both offer the same kind of armor: armor. Yes, her Armor will go away eventually but decaying as a mechanic isn’t something we’ve seen with Armor yet.

And even if they did make them to distinctly different armor types where one sits in front of shields and one does not it’s still a needlessly complicated solution. One word: Consistency. Health bars would look utterly absurd if all of a sudden someone’s “special” armor starts getting applied after everything else. This confusion doesn’t occur with Doomfist or Lucio because it’s obvious that Barrier health decays and doesn’t regenerate while shield health can take damage but will regenerate after a delay.

Again it all seems needlessly complicated for something that takes the least effort: nerf the amount of armor she provides.

I hear what you are saying. I mean…if you ask me, I think Brigitte should be reworked entirely… so who knows.

The whole thing is a mess to be honest.

It’s more efficient and makes sense the way it is currently. I agree with you. There’s no reason to change it just because people don’t like Brigs ult.

You don’t because you’re still kinda suggesting the complicated stuff. I think her kit is perfect, and instead the numbers need to be adjusted. We’ll need to see the stats but I find it likely that the armor/healing she provides will get nerfed while her power at close range is relatively preserved. But I don’t think we’re anywhere near a rework, and that sounds like a good way to end up stuck with her current iteration for a year or two as Blizzard has far longer neglected heroes to tend to.

Well. Looks like I was right. Too bad they didn’t do this when people suggested it BACK IN MAY 2018 because maybe Brig wouldn’t have had to go through all these other nerfs.

What do I know. Im not in the OWL.

Why was this necro’d.

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To prove a point. This was already suggested like 9 months ago.

If they had done this in the first place, them maybe Brig wouldn’t have had to have all these extra nerfs. Her armor could have even stayed permanent

Its time they either rework Brig or start undoing some past nerfs

When they made her armor decay they probably had this nerf already planned as well. Blizz does this a lot, they slowly smooth things out over time by putting out nerfs and buffs over the course of a few months that all coincide with one another. It’s better than accidentally overreacting and nerfing or buffing someone too heavily, which would create more problems.

BUT if armor if finally taking its proper place among the health bar, as I suggested many many moons ago, then there is 0 reason to have Rally armor only last 30 seconds now.

Armor is going to be poked off of heroes so quickly because it can not be healed anymore. THAT IS HUGE! This should have happened way back then.

This topic might be old but this is clearly still relevant. They are still struggling with trying to balance Brig, ever since she was launched.

That hero was a mess. I say rework her and make her more of a main healer at this point or a strong off tank that can’t heal.

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If it’s going to be poked off so quickly and the ability is going to be used when it’s needed (in a team fight) then the decay wont really make much of a difference. It’s still an overall nerf for goats. It prevents teams from saving their armor and having more ready to go after just one fight. The decay nerf doesn’t really effect Brigitte much at all, it just makes the comp less viable.