How Would You Buff Symmetra?

I’d personally revert infinity teleporter and have cooldown start on deployment. That would be my idea at least.

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Deletion. A better mercy than her entire history

I don’t think she needs bunch of buffs because she isn’t that bad but maybe a buff to her survivability or changing her TP.

I would focus on her utility role and buff her teleporter to near instant placement and a shorter cooldown.

This should allow her to escape enemies easier and help her team more often.

I was thinking of giving her piercing orbs as well, but I’m afraid this would be too much.

The first part looks OP due to great healing out there.

I do like the reduced cool down on the tele if she destroys it herself. :grin:

Turret cool down reduction…I mean it looks like two seconds shaved off doesn’t look like much, but it may be OP. She would be able to rotate turrets continuously I think…

Imagine one turret at a time all the time. I think it may be OP.

Having less cooldown on her destroyed turrets. It makes me nervous when they get destroyed or misplaces and i have to wsit an entire eternity to deploy again.

Realistic rebalancing:
+50 more shield

Ammo increased to 100 from 70

Damage changed from 10 minimum, 120 Maximum to 20 minimum, 100 maximum.
Travel Velocity increased to 40 meters per second.
Splash damage will no longer have falloff.
Splash increased to 3 meters on Maximum charge.

Travel Velocity when thrown increased to 50 meters a second.
Targeting range increased to 12 meters.

Revert to pre-infinite build. Pressing ability key while active will refresh 10 second active timer allowing Symmetra to keep the Teleporter active for longer if she chooses to.

Can reposition Ultimate by casting it again while active.

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a good start would be:

  • tp reverted to pre-infinite tp state or give her a cd mechanic that would give her an equivalent cast frequency as old 3.0 tp.

  • passive so that sym’s shield hp regen triggers on her interacting with her tp.

  • orbs have a travel speed of 30m/s, can have some compensation on hitbox size and aoe splash size on this point if necessary.

promote her jungler role and put more power in the sym player’s hands.

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Turrets cd -2s/charge. Turrets now have 225 health, does 15dmg/s and slows 30% each.

Also revert beam dmg nerf.

Done, balanced niche character.

Teleporter: Reverted to non-infinite and added the increased range.
Turrets: Damage reverted + 8 sec CD per turret
Ultimate: Reverted to 15 second duration

No, they can’t. Sym complainers rarely can.

+10000000000000000000. All need this.

I wouldn’t buff her either. Speaking as a firstlove/main with 300+ hours at 4.6+ k/d ratio over the reworks/seasons. Someone show me another accnt with that kind of consistency as dps.

She’s incredibly strong in the right moments or outside 222, and in 222 she has a place just not top tier. No reason to assign buffs and contribute to power creep when it’s other things that need nerfs.

Also we need literally every second of dev resource fixing the broken trashmaker and queue times, not tuning your beloved.

We see these buff sym posts multiple times daily and it’s honestly ridiculous. Because you can’t get instant value out of a hero doesn’t mean she’s imba.

300+ hours on Sym. I have a few suggestions although it’s more of a rework. I just find her kit all over the place and very gimmicky. She dominates in lower tiers and is poopoo in higher tiers (same thing with Bastion) and this needs to be addressed. She needs consistency and sustain if she is to remain in the DPS category:

First off she needs a passive. Preferably one that restores shield/hp since she lacks sustain.

Primary Fire: Get rid of the ramp up mechanic and give her a longer more forgiving beam that does 80-90 DPS. Increase ammo cap to 100 again.

Secondary: Speed up the orbs. Or allow them to pierce again at the current speed, but everytime it passes through a barrier/enemy, it decreases in size and does less damage.

Turrets: Get rid of what the turrets currently do and instead have them act as Hammond mines that explode With splash damage when an enemy comes within close range. 50 damage dealt per turret within the radius.

Teleporter: Revert Infinite TP and have cool down start when placed. Faster deployment would allow her to actually use it as an escape. Only Symmetra can use TP. She quit her job with Uber.

Ultimate: I’m not exactly sure with this one. I actually enjoy her barrier ultimate, but it seems more like an ultimate fit for a tank/support. Everyone else in the DPS category other than Sombra and Sym have offensive ultimates. I do however, miss the uniqueness of having two ults. So maybe keep the photon barrier and add a new offensive ult where her beam temporarily becomes a melee weapon with increased speed and damage like a lightsaber? That way she has a shield and sword ultimate option for offense and defense.

Overall she needs help. But unfortunately I think Sym will always have that stigma of her being a trash pick no matter how many times she’s changed or buffed. And honestly it’s depressing.

Delete her turrets (Turrets are the main reason why a lot of people hate her), give her back her old throwable shield, buff TP so it goes out faster.

She can be good, and not cancerous.

I’d buff her utilities

  • Raise the movement penalty on turrets
  • Raise the duration of Photon Barrier
  • Decrease the cooldown of Teleporter if Symmetra destroys it herself
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I would remove her turrets. Or at least nerf the crab out of them.

Then I would make everything else about her godlike.

Primary 120-150-180, 1s ramp up
Teleporter 0.5s cast time (Sym only)
Now has 10s CD and lasts 10s, CD starts when deployed
Secondary 30m/s and can be held infinitely. Small orbs are up to twice as fast.

One can dream.

Get rid of TP and replace it with her old barrier.
Make shield gen possible as ultimate.
Revert Turret nerfs (especially the slow nerf)
Give her 2.0 orbs (with 3.0 speed)
—All of these OR—
Replace her Beam with the 2.0 Lock-on Version.

Or just rework her again…

Revert her to her old state with slightly longer range and throwable turrets.

She was better this way, hands down, and was balanceible this way too. Current Symmetra is a mess of a hero, and I don’t even think Symmetra players can be accused of being one tricks anymore since they’re playing so many different heroes using the same skin…

Go back to when playing Symmetra wasn’t this annoying and tedious. That’s the buff she needs.

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First off, I would reinstate Symmetra to Support. We are in a dire need of more support heroes, and Sym/Sombra are the best characters that could move there for more role variety.

Photon Projector (beam)

  • Back on Sym2 autolock. Because autolock is a terrible weapon compared to the beam, and set it back as an last-resort self-defense option.
  • 1 second ramp-up time between stages
  • Damage per tier: 60/90/120. As I said, self-defense tool.
  • Same range as Sym2: 7m to lock, 9m to detach.
  • Keep the recovering ammo on barriers effect. It’s not that impactful, and have a nice flavor.

Photon Projector (orb)

  • Orb splash damage don’t decay with distance. Everyone in the splash radius will take flat 60 damage.
  • Orbs can be super-charged for one extra second. When that happens, it will shot a Sym2 slow piercing orb (no splash damage). This supercharged shot consumes 20 ammo, but the 10 extra ammo will not be consumed until the shot is released (ie, if you cancel the charging with a melee, you only waste 10 ammo)


  • Back to six, both active in the field and charges in the pocket.
  • Slow effect reduced to what value Sym2 had.
  • Damage reduced to 25 DPS
  • Any enemy hit by a turret will be visible for Sym’s team as a wallhack effect, up to one second after they are no longer being hit by the turret.
  • Any enemy being hit by 3 or more turrets at the same time will have their mobility skills locked, as if they were stuck into a Graviton Surge, until they are no longer being hit by 3 or more turrets.


  • Replaced by Photon Shield

Photon Shield

  • Target one ally in sight, like Zen’s Harmony Orb
  • Instantly provide to that ally 150 shield. This shield will decay at a rate of 10 per second.
    • If the effect is refreshed before it’s over, the amount of extra shields is still capped at 150.
  • While the target have any value of Photon Shield active, the target will be healed at a rate of 5 HP per second.
  • Cooldown: 4~6 seconds.

Photon Barrier

Myself, I would vastly prefer to simply remove this and being back Shield Gen and TP as placeable ults. But considering that would just make it easier to say “revert her back to Sym2 and here is my fix list, I’ll keep Photon Barrier as the ultimate.

  • Photon Barrier becomes permanent until destroyed or replaced.
  • Symmetra can earn ult charge while Photon Barrier is active. That’s how she “replaces” it.
  • Enemies that cross the wall will be slowed for 2 seconds, as if they were hit by one of her (new) turrets.
  • Allies (and Sym herself) that cross the wall will receive 75 shields that work like Photon Shield ability (overheal still capped at 150). Each ally can benefit from this only once per ultimate cast.