How would you buff Ana and Zen?

Give Zenyatta flight

Ana doesn’t need mobility. neither does zen, zen actually could be nerfed

but she needs one of the many nerfs to her nade undone so she can be a more effective healer again.

or give herself healing beyond her E ability, like a self heal passive

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Ana needs an automatic ‘Help me’ voice line. She is the only support that does not have one. She should also say ‘I need healing’ when using the ‘I need healing’ command. Most of the time when trying to say ‘I need healing’ as Ana she says ‘Group up with me’ instead.

It’s not a buff but an important quality of life change for her that would improve her survivability.

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Give Ana 150hp and 50 shields.

Zen is fine.


How would I?

Id start by asking why do they need buffs in the first place.

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Why only look at those 2? Let’s look at all 6 supports:
Ana -

  • 1.5x crit damage, not healing (scoped only)
  • healing through shields, not damage (scoped only)
  • Biotic Nade “cookable” by holding the button down for healing only, no projectile is created, 6 second cooldown

Brig -

  • Movement stun equality with Rein and Doom (currently on PTR)

Lucio -

  • Crossfade only locked by Hack, not disabled
  • Aura size increased to 15m


Moira -

  • Return healing through barriers to her repertoire

Zen -

  • Increase damage per orb to 50hp
  • Reduce Discord multiplier to 20%
  • Reduce max orbs in a Volley to 4
  • Animation cancel Volley no longer costs ammo

How about someone nearing 50 hours on Zen, who happens to main him? Discord has needed a minor nerf for a long time, with a minor orb buff to balance it so he can still HS + melee a Tracer.

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No it dosen’t. His right click had a nerf, and unlike Brigitte + Moira, Zen dosen’t output consistant damage. Therefore, making up for his requirement for aim. His damage is literally the only thing he’s got, which is why he’s picked. Take that away and he’s useless.

You didn’t read my post properly. Nerf Discord and buff orbs, he will still do the same amount of damage (in fact, in the scenario I suggested it goes up 0.2hp on a Discorded orb), but because Discord is weaker, the overall focus fire he creates from teammates is weaker.

Zen heals almost as much per game as he does damage, Discord adds thousands of damage to your teammates’ offensive output and Trance is an extremely strong ult. Zen has a lot more things in his arsenal than just his damage output.

Oh I thought you meant his damage. I wouldn’t have so much of a problem with nerfing his discord, but it’d have to be minor since it’s only a little extra damage now anyway. It’s like 30% isn’t it? So like even 25% can be crippling.

Of course. However his harmony orbs aren’t great, and he wasn’t designed to be similar to the other supports. Zen’s primary focus is damage.

Funny that she has the highest pick rate and one of the highest winrates in gm right now, with dva and winston being the 4th and 5th most picked heroes. That doesnt sound like she is struggling and in need of buffs to me. If we are talking about lower ranks, well a high skill hero will always perform worse there, and buffing her would just make her broken at the top, so no.

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Her buff helped too, but mercy not being suffocating to all other supports for sure is a big part of it.

zen needs no buffs :confused:

For the first time in more than a year using Ana is a good choice if you have the mechanics. I think she is fine for now and probably won’t need a buff anytime soon.

As for Zen, he’s been balanced and a very solid support since forever. During all that time, he was only second to Mercy. No buffs needed either.

I suppose that’s depending on the scenario, but Mercy still have resurrect which is a game changer.

Dude i don’t give a damn about breaking skillful characters isn’t that how everyone is when we talk about Widowmaker? “oh she takes skill let she be broken” the same should apply to Ana.

Nothing. 0 buffs. Ana already received one and Zenyatta is fine. Ana doesn’t need anything else.

Ana is doing great tho, I dont give a damn that people at lower ranks cant aim well. Their lack of mechanical skill doesnt mean we need a broken hero at high ranks, Ana is doing very well among people who can play her.

No hero should be broken, and ana is far from being weak right now.

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