How to use orisa ult?

Any tips, people run away before it even charges for decent damage

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It’s best used in close spaces, and small rooms, for example; it also excels with other area-based abilities such as various ults (Rat tire, Mei ult, Pharah, etc).

Remember, you don’t have to fully charge it to get the benefit for it, as it can be used to pull people together to aid the use of other abilties.

It’s best to combine it with other ults and use it in tight spaces. I’ve had the most success combining it with Emp or Blizzard or even good ol nano boost.

Pressing Q usually works for me. But in all seriousness, her ult is piss. Seems to require help from a teammate to keep them in the AoE. Mei is probably the best choice but coordinating with her is easier said than done.

It’s funniest if you pull everyone into ilios well….

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I like to combo orisa ult with hanzo dragons. Free team wipe if the enemy doesn’t have ults or baptiste or kiriko.

I also recommend using it when the enemies aren’t full health.

I use her ultimate not for kills, but area denial and to literally use it cc/ pull the enemies towards her.

I found doing Sym’s Tele + Orisa’s Ult to be really effective.