How to get out of bronze when its full of trolls and smurfs?

how about I already sent my gameplay to stylosa, fitzyhere back when he reviewed sombra gameplay, and I sent one already to ragtagg? Why should I send one to you to prove a point that big channels like “youroverwatch” have already pointed out? You know, the channel that actually interviews overwatch league players? I guess you know better than those people as well right?

Send me a link then to when they reviewed it. Because my goal right now is to just break you so that you realize its not the games fault your not able to climb but yourself.

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how about you click the link I posted that you claimed to actually look through which I find hard to believe that you watched those long videos in a span of 1 minute instead of being so stubborn? I didn’t say anything about me belonging in a specific rank. I said there is a huge smurfing problem I also mentioned the trolls and throwers that know they wont get more than a short comp ban that barely lasts a few minutes. It doesnt matter if I am a bronze player, I shouldnt have to deal with high rank people destroying in a rank that they shouldnt be playing in. its not hard to see if they are smurfing if every other season they have played on their profile shows that they are diamond or plate players messing around in bronze. And the fact that I appeared in a troll/smurf youtube video where they purposely do these things to make fun of bronze people also proves my point. On top of the fact that some of the videos I posted are from well respected top 500 players that have pointed out how bad the smurfing problem has gotten. But nothing anyone says will get you to stop your bias toward lower ranked people. Unless you are down here on the daily you have no idea how bad the problem is. I even told you that if you use LFG as often as I do you will see the LFG posts full of smurf only groups that say even their description that they are a smurf only group trying to play in bronze

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The title of your post straight up says “How do i get out of bronze” and ive taken my time to sit here and tell you how

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it doesnt just say “how to get out of bronze” read the whole thing. Stop being stubborn

Except this is against the rules. Papa Jeff explicitly said:

(You can find the entire post @ Serious question: Is smurfing cheating?)

So I see how your suggestion could be feasible, but what you are describing is essentially “boosting” (even though the intent is truly to learn and get better) so you can get out of bronze into silver where there are less trolls/throwers/leavers.

I’m not saying you have a bad suggestion, I’m just saying I wish players didn’t have to resort to coming up with things like this just to avoid playing with trolls.

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Hey I am 100% in agreement. The ideal would be for Blizzard to take the smurfing issue seriously. They don’t, so, having a guide for people to deal with it themselves is important.

Weirdly enough, FlyingFrogs and I are trying to do the same thing, give people the tools so they don’t have to deal with bronze again.

I just think it is easier to get people to learn once they are not playing against so many smurfs, so getting them into mid silver is step one for me.

Where I think Frogs is just trying to get them so angry, they levitate out on pure hate or something.

This is the last time i’m saying this. I think your the one being stubborn. Smurfs exist. Get over it. They exist in every game like this. There is a reason people climb out of ranks such as gold and get to platinum and have a hard time getting out of platinum. That’s because that’s the skill level they are at. If you are someone who cant take the fact that’s you have the same odds of things happening on your team as the other team then good for you. Have fun staying in bronze. Considering your level silver border and in bronze i can tell you haven’t learned a lot while playing the game and it explains a lot from the conversation we were having. I took the time to get to the rank i am at from self reviewing to help from my friends. I played against smurfs night and day to get up there. Everyone plays against smurfs and climbs. You are the stubborn one not me.

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Agreed. But just be careful, because what you’re describing is boosting and Papa Jeff explicitly said that is cheating and against the rules D:

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you asked me for evidence, I posted a link full of videos with evidence, you brush off the evidence and call me stubborn…

Well my work here is done. Ive broken you to the point where you have broken english good day or good night :slight_smile:

Also this is a clip from seagulls stream awhile back on people being stuck in gold and blaming others.


I’d just flag him, he was trolling pretty hard.

That right there just proves my point. You have nothing to say so you revert to personal attack. I am typing from a touchscreen phone. Sorry that it isn’t perfect like it would be from a destkop keyboard but I don’t get what it has to do with my point. But okay. Have a nice day. I am done. Lets just leave it at that between us

You called me out in another thread completely unrelated to rank. The type of comment I posted above is exactly why I said you have 5-6 (I was too generous) word sentences that essentially amount to "git gud."

If a person cant take criticism then they wont get far in life. If the OP really wants me to go to bronze and see what its like ill do it just for him :slight_smile:

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This is a well thought out and true comment that answers OPs question. It’s tried and true. I am being helpful here’s my friend

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No. Let me directly quote you:

Your clearly "well thought out and true comment that “answers” OP’s question about how to deal with trolls/throwers in bronze is just “get good.”

Your comment was so well thought out, it was only 10 words. So well-thought, specific, and helpful. /s

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Thank you I appreciate your understanding that greater skill helps you climb despite problems you may encounter

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Thank you. I appreciate you understanding that you do not understand issues bronze players face and will stop leaving low effort sh%t posts that are a thinly veiled attempt to make yourself feel better about having more virtual reality points in a videogame that you’re never going to go pro. I hope to see you in a game very soon. My best until then.

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Please do not violate the forums with your foul language. Thank you.:heart:

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