How to get better FPS/performance

im tired of trying to play this game with 20-40 fps. I dont know how I have survived this far but I need to get better

I have a poor laptop that really isnt made for gaming but whatever

  1. Is there some kind of program that can help with FPS? Ive seen a ton of talk about FPS boosters and such,i think I tried two of them but they both failed. They didnt really help. What else is there?

  2. Do I have to upgrade software? Im playing with a poor laptop,and does that mean that I have to actually, physically change it and take a piece of it and put in a better piece?

Or do I have to buy anything to upgrade it? Are any of them free or do they all cost? How do I do it? I remember i had some outdated parts…?

Try lowering your graphics settings, including the resolution. Also what are your specs?

BTW if you are willing to buy equipment to boost your FPS I would instead invest in a gaming desktop.

No im not willing to buy anything. I would not like to buy anything or spend money just so I can play one game better.

I dont remember what my specs are,since im not home right now.

Sad truth is that if OW does not work then many more games will probably not.

I will say if you are planning to be an advent gamer I would invest.

Do you know your graphics card or the type of laptop you got?

“Do you know your graphics card or the type of laptop you got?”

Dont remember. Its a poor laptop for sure.

Whenever you get the chance to check can you post it here?

Currently I am assuming your laptop is a basic work laptop.

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As others have said. Upgrade for all the other games you can play

I upgraded to an RTX3080 and oh boy is it good.

Unfortunately you probably dont want to hear this, but it’s realistically your only option if you want anything more than a negligible improvement.

Software optimizers and FPS boosters are basically snake oil, and even if you did have too much stuff running to really drag you down, you’re not going to get anything fancy back. If you get 20-40, you might get like 22-42.


Outside of overclocking, only free ways to improve the performance is to set everything on low and shut down every program that isn’t necessary for the pc to work.
Also running some virus, malware etc scans might help, as those optimizers tend to have shady business behind them.

Well the obvious thing is buying better hardware. If youre financially limited and have to play with what you got, then all you can do is turning the grafics options to the lowest possible and make sure to not run any backgrounds tabs or programs. But this wont do miracles. If you run the game on an outdated laptop, then you cant expect much.

a lot of gamers play on low, it helps boost fps, but if you install one of those fps boosters all your gonna get is a virus

I understand your pain. When I had a weak PC what I did was this:

Don’t forget to close any programs you’re not using when playing.

For me laptop performance was always based on RAM. Airplane laptop was 4gb ram and I got 20 FPS lowest settings. Finished secondary school got cheap gaming laptop. 8gb team 60fps high settings. Started university, have laptop to my brother and got 16gb RAM laptop and get 120fps maxed out settings. Check what RAM you have.

I also noticed call of duty had this thing that shows how the amount of RAM you have limits performance on different quality settings based on how much of it is being used. If little is being used, high FPS. If lots of the RAM is being used, low FPS. Which probably also explains for me why higher RAM increased performance.

The only way to get higher performance if graphics don’t change anything is buying upgrades or a better laptop. That’s what I had to do.

its a laptop, intel core i5 - 3337U, 1.8GHz

RAM 8,00 Gt. 7,89 at disposal. So I’ve only used like… 0.11?

But surprisingly putting on the lowest resolution gave like, more fps i think. I mean the screen is squished but… its kinda more playable? lol

Is there anything else? arent there some hidden settings in folders?

Maybe you find something in here that you haven’t tried yet and that works for you.

Back on my laptop I ended up installing Razer Cortex which, to this day, I’m not entirely sure if it actually helped or if it only gave me a placebo effect. In any case, the performance boost was negligible and my laptop’s performance kept worsening over time regardless until I got a proper PC to replace it with.

play on all low graphical settings and 75-50% render scale to maximize your FPS, whatever you get then will be the most you can possibly get while running the game

having background apps closed while running the game, such as chrome, and even discord/spotify to have your PC fully focused on performance on the game

I think it has helped that i changed the resolution. The screen is squashed now but i think i have gotten a lot more kills as genji that i otherwise would have not. thanks

Any chance you could hit us up with the full specs by including a DxDiag?

With nothing running, that sounds accurate. It changes as you open each app.