How to fix Reaper

that is what buffing does to heroes

reaper right now is useless, you can’t even use him to counter tank heavy comps anymore

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Kinda wish DB would be like the Museum cinematic

Takes a sec to cover the entire area in smoke, but then the rapid fire damage has an actual impact

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It’d be neat if you sort of disappeared into a cloud of smoke and could pop out and DB where you chose, so it was more of an actual surprise and less of a ‘get away from the reaper, shoot him in the head’ shutdown option. But I also think him just having some kind of smoke bomb to throw - maybe a secondary gun or something? so that you could just sort of obscure a choke and run past and make it more difficult for the enemy to line up a shot when you don’t have a barrier would be a really great addition to him.


For someone that believes Reaper is relatively balanced, you have given him some rather large buffs. I would not even go that far and I believe he is worthless. Either way, I enjoy pretty much every suggestion. It is not as flattering as you would expect because I am happy with literally any buff suggestions, but the clone idea in particular is pretty sick. :heart_eyes:


Thank you everyone for your feedback.

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He does not need a Sledgehammer-rework. Just some improvments

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Basically, Reaper is good, if the enemy team isn’t very coordinated. However, once you face a team that call outs flanks, and properly protects their backline, he becomes a troll pick that just feeds enemy ults


I like your suggestions!

My thoughts: I think I’d be okay with any tweaking/buffing to shadowstep of any kind. I think it’s a good ability if it’s performing as intended (and not just blatantly giving away his position). It’s supposed to be a double edged sword kind of ability: you shadowstep too close to an enemy = death. You shadowstep just out of reach = flank. The problem being that you leave yourself too open and you’re too loud. I also think it’s a better ability than people give it credit. Don’t teleport as the battle is breaking out. Take a different route and tele before hand. Then once the battle starts hit the enemies backline (I’ve used this to great success, although it still does get me killed from time to time)

Also, I don’t think the smoke grenade suggestion should replace it, but instead be an added ability to his alt fire. It would allow him more overall utility and I don’t think it would make him overpowered. So that’s why I wouldn’t replace an ability, as he can use all the utility he can get his hands on

Then just tweak his shotguns like they did for Torb and Doomfist and he’ll be in a much better place instantly.


Or they could give him more ammo types like incendiary pellet,explosive shells,or buckshot.

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I say reduce ShadowStep beginning and ending animation by 50%.

Give him an alt-Fire: Grenade Launcher
It has 2 selectable types of ammunition

Hellfire Grenades: 3 rapid fire grenades for 50 impact and 25 explosive damage in a 3’ radius +50% to armor.

Smoke Grenades: 3 rapid fire Grenades that explode into 5’ radius upon impact with the ground creating a smoke cloud. Unobscured enemy outlines can be seen. Duration is 10a.

After firing its 3 rounds Grenade Launcher enters a 15s cool down. Reaper automatically switches back to his Shotguns .

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Decrease the spread of his shot guns would help for starters.

Fixing Shadow Step so it’s a smoother ability to use in the fast paced game play. It’s a bit clunky in use, needing to either slow down or stop your movements to get into a proper position before using it.

Add something to his alt fire-either a stronger shot from his guns, or the smoke grenade suggestions that could help in his QoL.

-Or possibly in his ult have his rounds pierce armor?

The Brigitte Spaghetti Movement


Nice thread and ideas!
Would appreciate if you took a look at mine <3 :slight_smile: (71 likes) Why Reaper s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶ and what he needs - K he still sucks 12/18/2018
Us Reaper fellas need to stick together


I like all these ideas.

Thank you. I will have a read through your post.

I like the Shadow rework idea
Also: What if Reapers ult combined Wraith/Shadow step
Like you teleport a small distance when you ult and after you have a small wraith movement speed ?


He also has the biggest spread, he could use a bit less…


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