How to fix Reaper

Hello everyone, I am going to try a make long detailed threads describing my opinions on certain heroes. I just made a Mercy one, and my next target is Reaper. I’d like to keep this thread civil and constructive, no opinion is wrong despite you disagreeing with it.

It’s no doubt that Reaper hasn’t seen a lot of love from the devs. However, (unpopular opinion incoming) I do believe Reaper is actually in a pretty decent spot at the moment. Yes, I know about the Torb rework, which is one of the reasons I am making this thread. But seriously, Reaper can hard carry, has very high damage potential and (another unpopular opinion incoming) has a pretty good ultimate.

Okay okay. Just let me explain. I really don’t think Reaper is half bad right now, and I’ve seen what he can do when played right. However, for the sake of my life I am going to explain all the bold statements I just made.

So, let’s get into his abilities.

Hellfire Shotguns

I personally feel that Reaper’s shotguns are extremely powerful. However, when compared to Torb’s recent rework, they are close to being outshined. I think that a spread angle decrease from 20.1 to (undecided) is necessary. If we want to keep Reaper relevant, the spread has to be decreased.

Now let’s talk damage. Reaper can do a minimum of 2 damage per bullet to a max of 7 damage per bullet. Each shot contains 20 bullets. That’s quite a lot of damage, especially with the spread buff. So that is why I am not going to touch the damage on Reaper’s guns as a) I don’t think that’s the real issue here and b) It is indirectly being buffed by the spread decrease. The rate of fire will also stay the same, along with ammo of 8 and a reload time of 1.5 seconds.

TLDR - Decrease Reaper’s spread from 20.1 to a smaller, more generous number. I get that they are shotguns, but the inconsistency on Reaper’s guns don’t allow him to be as impactful as other heroes would.


I am pretty happy with this ability, I am a big fan of the more recent change of being able to cancel it at any time. For the most part, it is balanced and is not the reason Reaper is slacking behind. However, I would like to see a small healing buff added to his wraith form. For example, the wraith lasts up to 3 seconds. Each second he will regain 15hp. This isn’t a massive buff, and numbers are subjective to change. But I think this can be the decider in many scenarios where Reaper has very low health, and everyone just follows him until his wraith is over.

In total, he will regain 45hp (numbers may change) which could allow him to stay in the fight for longer along with being a more independent flanker. We don’t want the healing to be crazy, so I think the 45hp is a reasonable number considering he also receives 20% healing of damage dealt.

Shadow Step

Now I have multiple problems with this ability. I can definitely agree with people when they say this ability is next to useless. I can’t think of a time it is actually worth using it without risking your life. Because let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10 you always get headshot by a Widow/Hanzo, stunned or just focused by the whole enemy team as you are using it. The cast time is ridiculous especially for the small range it can travel.

The only thing Shadow Step does better than Symmetra’s teleporter is the extra 10m range. That’s it. Now, we either completely scrap this ability and replace it with a new one. Or we give it a rework. I am going to go into detail on both.

Shadow Step rework -
The max range now increased from 35 meters to 45. This allows Reaper to get behind enemy lines with less of a chance of being detected. After all, he is in the shadows. The cast time is now decreased from 2.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds, along with the enemy now not being able to see where abouts you are teleporting. This removes the instant headshot after teleporting issue, and allows Reaper to be more effective by getting where he wants quicker.

The duration still lasts 2 seconds, however during teleportation Reaper goes down into the ground and comes back up at his new destination. (Like one of his highlight intros). Again, this removes the whole instant death thing and makes it less of a risk when using this ability.

New ability -
If you like the idea of just scrapping Shadow Step, then there must be a new ability to replace it. I am not going to explain how the abilities would work in too much detail as they aren’t perfect yet. But here are a couple ideas (assuming they would be balanced appropriately) -

  • Reaper creates a large dust cloud around him that blinds enemies within a certain radius. The ability would last 2 seconds and would be on a 10 second cooldown. Reaper and his team can still see through the dust cloud (The cloud would be transparent enough for your team to recognize you’ve used it, and to also see through it).

  • Reaper creates a clone of himself that targets whoever Reaper is targeting. For example, if Reaper presses E and targets Orisa, his clone will also do the same. Now obviously accuracy on the clone would need to be balanced along with many other things, but I think this ability fits well with Reaper and can definitely trip people up on which one to shoot.

There would be a 0.75 second cast time in which Reaper is cloning himself, and the clone would disappear after 3 - 4 seconds.

These abilities aren’t perfect and are just a couple simple ideas. Feel free to feedback changes you think should be implemented, or new ability ideas. I’d also like to hear if anyone has any name suggestions for either of the abilities above.

Death Blossom

Now, this may be an unpopular opinion. I know I’ve seen a lot of Reaper mains complain that is isn’t very effective. And I totally get that. Without changing the ultimate too much, (because if used correctly is can be extremely powerful) I am going to try make Reaper more sustainable while using his ult.

Now, Death Blossom does 170 damage per second. And a max of 510. That’s quite a lot. And the damage again, like the shotguns isn’t really the thing I am after. I want Reaper to have more survivability when using his abilities. The duration will remain at 3 seconds, the charge required and charge rate would remain the same, along with the area of effect and movement speed. What I would like to see implemented into his ultimate is a damage reduction factor. I mean, if he’s dealing this much damage he should be sucking the life of others. Maybe a 25% damage reduction would allow him to survive after using his ult, rather than instantly dying either as soon as he uses it or straight after.

Thank you for reading my thoughts, and I’d like to hear yours as well. Please respect everyone else’s opinions.

Edit: Oh and his passive stays the same.


Smoke bombs are almost a necessity for Reaper. With how powerful snipers and hitscans have been becoming he needs something to actually escape with


Yes definitely. I forgot to add that point. Thank you. I think I prefer that ability over the cloning one.



I’d rather get rid of the cast time on Shadow Step entirely. The other mobility options of other heroes, combined with their significantly more versatile weaponry, are so far and above Shadow Step to justify having it at all.

This is how I’d rework it:

  • Shadow Step is still Targeted as it is now. (Meaning Reaper can not attack while targeting, and always goes in the direction he’s facing.)
  • Activates immediately on confirming the travel target.
  • Reaper transforms into a visible, intangible cloud form (like in the Sombra short) that quickly travels to the target destination, rather than instantaneously teleporting.
  • Reaper’s announcement (“Death Comes”) is called after confirming the ability, rather than arriving at his destination. The distance the call can be heard from is increased and travels with Reaper as he Shadow Steps.

My problem with Shadow-Step is, that you are kinda “trapped” in a slow animation.
You are dead and the animation is not even really finished on your screen.


This could also be a good rework of Shadow Step. Personally, I think the ability is just bland and it’d be nice to have a new one.

Yeah. That’s why I made it quicker and removed the instant death factor.


Yeah, Shadow-Step feels kinda beta like, it’s just clunky and wonky…

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The problem is Reaper has basic counters like range and highground.

Also, with so many spread/QoL/range/etc. buffs he can’t keep up anymore soon.
I mean Reaper struggels even killing a Sym turret.

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Yeah. I think maybe making shadow step instant or just replacing it with the smoke bomb ability would allow him to avoid snipers easier.

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Yeah and also “blind” turrets for a shot amount of time.

Yes, I think that’s a good idea. It would be great against new Torb incoming especially since Torb is considered a better Reaper.

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reaper should be able to shoot in his wraith form

might be a little op but whatever he is not very useful right now anyways

today i lost a close range duel againts doomfist because his shotguns for some odd reason is stronger than reapers. nice design

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Yeah sounds kinda op

Man some kind of AoE smoke bomb effect would be genius TBH, as long as it was an effect that could only be in a certain amount of area and didn’t like fill the whole map. But that would be great.

he is a flanker after all so wouldn’t be that bad anyways

his shadow step was kinda his flanking tool but is actually a suicide tool

Those are all nice suggestions. I agree with other’s that the Shadow-Step is what makes him so clunky, you end up walking to flank more than often.

I found using Reaper is much easier to carry a team than even a good support role. Though I heard Reaper is bad in upper tier games.

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Hmm. I don’t know about that. I think that’s a little too OP considering he can’t be damaged back.

maybe decrease the overall damage output when he is in that form

tracer can recall, genji can deflect damage back, mccree has a flashbang that can potentially kill you etc its not really that op when its compared to other heroes

I see where you’re coming from. But Tracer and Genji cannot damage while using those abilities (unless someone shoots Genji), and Mccree’s flashbang doesn’t make him invulnerable. Neither does Genji’s deflect tbh.