How to fix Mystery Heroes

Difficult is fine.

Having almost zero counterplay is not fine.

I.e. All short range vs a multiple Pharah+Mercy.


All I want is ult charge to carry over through death. Most of the nonsense holds/snowballs would balance out if you could have a few ults as the losing team.


Perhaps rename this mode to Random Heroes and implement better balance in Mystery Heroes.

I respect that there are people who like both approaches, hell, sometimes I’d be in for full blown random, but let’s say 90% of the time I’d prefer and have more fun with some logic.

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Either retain ult charge, or force to not stack. It will prevent cheese comp.

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“All short range” can still happen even with the rules proposed. In mystery heroes, that team that is currently having an advantage regarding their composition is also in the more risky position, because each time they kill someone they might create a counter to them.


Hey Jeff! My friend and I had an idea for an alternate version of Mystery Heroes awhile back. I think we were calling it “Mystery Draft”. The basic rules were:

  • On the hero select screen, you can pick one of three random heroes.
  • You cannot change your hero after you spawn. After you die and respawn, you have a new randomized selection of three heroes to pick. If you suicide, you still respawn as the same hero.
  • Duplicate heroes are not allowed, and the three heroes available to you are not available to any of your teammates while you’re picking.
  • Ult charge is reset on death.

We designed this mode to accomplish these things:

  1. Encourage playing heroes/roles outside of your comfort zone.
  2. Give players a better chance at counterpicking and forming reasonable comps, which is an important part of Overwatch.
  3. Reduce the possibility of super cheesy OP comps happening.

Would love to see something like this mode in the game eventually. Cheers, thanks for posting on the forums!


It could happen, but the next spawn would be a Soldier/McCree/Sombra.

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“Slightly Balanced” hahaha xD I would definitely prefer that to the current one though.

There are two ways to go about solving this RNG inequity issue in my mind, with slightly differing philosophies. Either (A) Remove hero stacking or (B) Keep ult charge when you die. Personally I’m leaning towards (B) because it retains the ‘wacky’ feel of No Limits, but doesn’t punish the losing team as hard when one side gets a comp advantage.

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First, it was not my idea. I simply said keep the rules simple. Second, min and max rules do not have to be set in stone, they can be used as statistical weights to improve the overall experience. Ok, so you died as a tank. It doesn’t have to make you a tank next time, but the next person to die will get it.

Just saying it doesn’t have to be completely random. Especially with the initial picks, where you often do not get a single healer from the start of Mystery Heroes.

Are we all missing one of the biggest components of what makes Mystery Heroes so great:

The fact that its a safe space to play a lot of different toons that you may not have played before and not get flamed for sucking.

I don’t play MH to win, I play to get experience on different toons.


Yes, that’s my point. That is how it works currently. You argued that zero counterplay is not fine. You still might have zero counterplay, even with the proposed rules.

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NEVER change how the current Mystery Heroes works. If you want to add in another, slightly more balanced mode that’s fine, but MH is currently perfect as is.
Only people that complain are ones that don’t like true randomness and MOSTLY the ones that can’t make the mode work for them but insist on playing it to get their weekly lootboxes which is the only reason they come to the arcade to play the mode at all.

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My idea is not get stack. A team of no support can push forward and win if the other team don’t have 2 Mercy in team.

Only briefly. With a certainty of balancing very shortly.

With Pure RNG, it can be unwinnable state for 10 minutes straight.

I’m glad this issue gets discussion on the team, though I’d point out that if people like ‘whacky’ comps, they are free in other game modes (especially No Limits) to form a 6 stack and let their imagination run wild.

If a comp is deemed to be ‘too whacky’ in literally any other game mode, you have the power as a player to address the issue by switching. Mystery Heroes is unique in that the players don’t have that power, and it too often leads to hopeless frustration without any kind of background logic to keep things reasonable.


You can have “broken” comps without rendering the enemy team completely helpless for the entire game because RNG screws them over.

I guarantee you the individual who argues that point would change their mind if they played consecutive games where their team repeatedly respawned as low-damage-output heroes for 10 minutes against an enemy team with numerous D.Va and supports.

The fun novelty wears off fast when you literally get unwinnable games, back to back to back.


To everyone complaining about playing against an imba comp: that’s part of the game, and if its that imba the game will be over shortly and you’ll be on to the next, where more than likely you’ll be on the imba team.

I don’t honestly see where all the angst comes from; its mean to be a quick, fun mode to play, not a 25 minute battle royale between perfectly matched teams.


What we really need is Mystery Total Mayhem :slight_smile:

If for no other reason than letting me actually use my ults rather than dealing with constant resets thanks to the momentum-death factor.


i can get behind this I hate being Ana then respawning as Ana… it’s just come on!

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