How to Be Trusted by the Forum: An Educated Guess

Ayy awesome we attracted and MVP, thanks for showing up and giving us your time! I have some questions if you don’t mind?

Is that user I gave as an example an MVP too then? Starraven? I checked their trust and their at trust level 1, while you are 3.

Also do you have any inside information that you’re allowed to tell us about this system at all? Like any tips we can do so we can get our link posting, or explain the levels a bit?

And lastly, I’m sure I answered myself a long time ago but I’d just like a direct answer yes or no - do we get in trouble for sharing links by bypassing the link detection?

Thank you! :slight_smile:

Bah…just gimme the right to post and click on links without having to copypaste them all the time. Feels like I am surfing the kiddy web.

Thanks for the info, though I think its basically trivia until they either

  • Roll out the new features
  • explain how we should be gaining trust that we aren’t already doing
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I hope that doesn’t mean you have to be MVP to get level 3 :worried:


I have a feeling I know who the other level 3 is then if you’re a level 3

I am curious about that myself. Not sure.

Right now all I know is post constructively, don’t get moderated for violating forum Code of Conduct, and like constructive posts by other users.

No, I would have seen it be enforced by moderators now, the block is just a safety feature to kinda keep Blizzard from being held liable if someone posted a link to a malicious website. Of course any URLs you manually list must still be be in compliance with forum Code of Conduct.

According to the post on the older forums by Community Manager Josh Engen, anyone should be able to earn the privileges through constructive posting. However, I have no details if this means they privileges are manually granted or not.

Players who contribute to the forums in a constructive way will be granted additional features and permissions such as link previews, images, gifs, and embedded video posting.

As I said there is no Community MVP program for Overwatch yet, this may change, and if the Overwatch Community Team decides to start one, I hope to be a part of it along with my current group (the Blizzard Customer Service and Tech Support MVP group).

As far as constructive posts, here is content that I feel meets and exceeds this definition and I wish to see other users to create such content (yeah some its mine):

The other active MVP user from my group who posts in Overwatch is Narull. There is about 30 of us in our group, but most of them are focused on WoW, SCII, and D3.


Must be a lot then or we’d see @RichC as a trusted user already

Again, I have no idea. RichC is a very positive member of our community and would deserve such privileges in my opinion.

Thanks for answering my questions, this helps a lot! :smiley:

Yeah, just my thoughts.

Thanks for sharing though.

A collection of links to examples of what you can do with trust privilages would be nice. Edit: if you are up for it, I don’t want to ask you something that is a waste of time

Myself and a user named @Doc did a lot of testing which was cool, but our methods were more or less workarounds.

It’d be nice to have something to look forward to for some of the users here.

All evidence indicate to exactly that.

Oop one more question just came to me - Are these forms a clean slate? I’m asking because you stated we have to not have any code violations for the trust, and while I haven’t since these new forms came out, I may have messed up a bit on the old ones (and learned my lession) would be a bummer if I’m just stuck at level 1 forever because of the old forms, I’m a changed person!

I understand though if that is the case. :frowning:

I can accommodate that. Check out these other guides I have created that uses the features of this forum:

I have more creative content in the works as well.

I have no answer for sure, but I know Blizzard knows people learn from mistakes and can earn their trust.


I’m level 2 and I still cant post links yet :frowning:

I think RichC is also level 2.

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Bookmarked, and thanks again.

Alright well that’s good news. I was given a chance to change and I hope I’ve followed through on it and am back on the good list!

Thanks again for answering my questions. I love seeing good Blizz associates like yourself staying active and helpful within the community. :slight_smile:

would be cool if we got an official blue post in this thread to clear things up

Just to clarify, MVPs DO NOT represent Blizzard. I have great friendships with many Blizzard representatives, but I am just a player like you. We should be considered “trusted” sources of knowledge who actively participate in the community. Remember, a Blizzard representative speaking on their behalf will always be in Blue text (or in this forum, Orange if they are a developer).

Yeah I agree that’d be great, or an open Q & A with a blue about the system. Y’know if they have time for that because I understand they are busy. I also understand why they haven’t said anything yet with the information I have about this still being in development and not really “officially” implemented yet.

Oh! That’s interesting, I thought you guys were like unpaid intern kinda deals or something… How does one go about being an MVP then? hahah :wink:

Either way though I consider MVPs and up all a part of Blizzard since you guys seem to have inside information to a degree. I hold y’all on the same level as mods/admins and stuff, which I don’t think is a bad thing, don’t you agree? You were very helpful to all of us here regardless though, can’t thank you enough!