How old is kiriko

This has already been a topic but didn’t want to necro.

According to timeline Kiriko should be almost 40 ??

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yes [20 characters].

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she looks really good for her age then


We don’t know, but the way blizzard seems to present her is wrong. They seem to say she’s in her “early 20’s” which according to the timeline would make no sense.

But everyone in game calls her youthful and a kid, so im gonna guess they intend for her to be early 20’s.

She is seen training with hanzo and genji though, who are 38 and 35 respectively, and she only looks a wee bit younger than them. So to say shes 21-24 is just absurd.

I guess what im trying to say is, her age makes absolutely no sense when you try and fit it into the timeline.


to be fair
The japanese always look youthful in a lot of stuff
so she could be in her late 20’s, which to the cast over all, is still really young, only people younger may be tracer, lucio and brigitte


From what I got out of the short, Kiriko’s grandmother had passed away. She also recently moved out of the house and lives alone. Her mom looks like she’s 40-50, so I’m guessing Kiriko is early-mid 20s.

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She was born back when shimadas were kids, but she was a child back there.

She’s probably in her mid 20s


The real question should be when is her mom a playable charactet, cause as she said she has a sword


Hanzo and Genji are in their 30s so she is too

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Kiriko mom tank when?

She’s supposed to be close to the age of Genji who is in his early 30s I believe.

Yeah i think Genji is 35 but adjusted for this Ow2 timeline ??

I’d put her around 25-28. As you said, she’d have to be as old as Brigitte at minimum. She’s definitely not Dva’s age.


Kiriko is NOT in her 40’s oop

You can see in her Origin story when she was training with Hanzo and Genji, the two of them were in their teens but Kiriko was still a child, like 6 years old or something. Since Genji is 35 years old, Kiriko is probably 28 or something


I like it better thinking she’s in her 40s :full_moon_with_face:

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But that’s just… not right. She’s younger than Hanzo and Genji, and those 2 aren’t even 40 years old

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Wasn’t she a toddler when she was training in Hanamura? Looks like the Shimada’s are 35 and 38 according to the wiki, so in the short they look 10 and 13, or even 7 and 10 if generous, putting her around 2-5 by then.

Making her around 27-30, not ‘early 20’s’ like the wiki says.
If a few years pass then it’s ‘early 30’s’ more than anything for OW2

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I think she is 25 years old

i will say she looks like her early twenties, which given Japanese stereotypes on people looking younger than they are

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Looking at the title of this post, I assumed there was an ulterior motive behind the question.

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