How old is cassady

Because his lore make litteraly no sense with the lire we have hes aparently mid 20 and over 100 at the same time. Can we have a lore master with a brain and not just use the darn cat for every thing they do like for real

apart from his premature inclusion at 17-18 years old in overwatch by reyes, contextualize what is not clear to you in the lore.

(warning: I don’t agree in the slightest with the canonization which changed its name at a certain point, however it is and remains a retcon that will never accept the existence of Jesse McCree again, not even retroactively.)

The things i confused about are how did he found the dead lock gang when its over 100 years old

you are still not contextualizing any real date. anyway, there’s a pretty simple calculation from the novel Deadflock Rebels:

  • the book talks about the birth of the dedlock gang with Ashe as a teenager who turns 18. The difference with Cassidy (also a founder of the gang) is 2 years (41 vs 39), and consequently he is still 16 years old at that stage of his life.
  • at GDC 2017 Michale Chu explains the photo of Ana Origins, which indicates Pharah as an 11-12 year old girl and a Cassidy who has just joined Blackwatch (if you have read his biography, it talks about a young man captured by Reyes who, seeing his abilities, decided to hire him). with various calculations it is possible to identify Cassidy’s birth dates as a 17 year old. but if the developers confirmed that here Pharah is 13 years old, we would be talking about a Cassidy who left the deadlock gang after two years, rather than after 1 year when he is still a minor (this is where I say that the lore is a bit controversial);
  • now, let’s take as a reference for Cassidy’s age Ow1’s previous dating of 37 years (recent biographies have pushed all dates with 2 extra years). Retribution event occurred 8 years before OW1 lore, and Cassidy would have been 29 years old. The tweet spammed during the retribution mission CONFIRMS cassidy’s age in that event;

As you can see Cassidy’s lore is still perfectly in line and doesn’t have that exaggerated “over 100 years” you say. however, we could ask the developers to change just one piece of information that would make her recruitment in Blackwatch more likely: consider Ana Origins’ photo as “a pharah who is 13-14 years old” instead of “11-12”, as said by michael chu in GDC 2017. It still makes sense that the Deadlock Gang was made up of teenagers. It makes sense that Ashe single-handedly raised her to become the boss. and he makes sense for Cassidy to have gotten into blackwatch when she was still very young.

He didn’t.

“EST 1976” is a reference to a motorbike that was a 1976 model and thet they fixed with Ashe in the novel “Deadlok Rebels”, and Cassidy as a joke, put that on their gang logo.

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