How much does Blizzard want to annoy their players?

Today gaming experience in Overwatch, just some Quickplay for “enjoyment”:

1st map of the day: backfill to Lunar Colony, match cancelled;
2nd map: Backfill to Nepal, first round lost, lost the second one too 0:100;
3rd map: Paris defend, 20 leavers, match was done in 3 minutes;
4th map: Backfill to Lunar Colony, i left the game;
5th map: Backfill to Rialto defend on point 3, couldnt even build one ult;
6th map: Ilios, had a Tank with “Thrower” in the name and did so;
7th map: Backfill to Anubis defend, 5 seconds before match start, point 1 was lost on first attack.

Is there really anyone thinking that this keeps me to play this game? I play support and stil have to queue 4-8 minutes to find a quickplay match. Every night i get backfilled to half a dozend maps, mainly 2cp and especially Lunar Colony and Paris. Can we just lower the rate of 2cp getting selected? Can we remove Paris and Lunar Colony in also quickplay? I know its maybe only months to Ow2… but stil.


The only way you’re allowed to expect a ‘real’ game of Overwatch is if you’re willing to dump 10-30 minutes in queue waiting for a comp match, apparently. Every time I ask for Quickplay to be taken even a little bit seriously I get shot down with constant ‘just go play competitive’ comments, as if I’d waste a half hour to play a game that is liable to have a thrower, smurf or troll in it who just does dance emotes in spawn all game. Why would I waste my time like that?

The game is basically unplayable.


meanwhile me
Just… Getting into games

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If you’re talking about arcade QP like it has the same queue time as standard Quickplay*, that’s just you being silly. Arcade qp’s queue is like 30 seconds to a minute. 222 queue QP is never that short, for anyone, even you.

I never said it was arcade
I just get into 2-2-2 games relatively easy

I mean it’s not ‘hard’ to get into a game, you just have to be willing to wait 5-10 minutes. Is that ‘hard’? No. Is it a waste of time compared to most games? Yeah.

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I have a reward that I consider it to be the most fun you can have on an online videogame in 2021

Well yesterday they did release something fun for another Game, it’s time limited tho, so I guess ow goes on second place for now

You gotta do your hourly backfill match all the way to defeat/victory screen and it will stop giving you backfills for an hour :expressionless:

I got backfileld into 2cp in four out of eight matches today, two were Lunar Colony, one was Paris. Its unplayable.

That’s extremely unlucky if true.

I’m not a huge fan of backfill, but I’ve played this game since beta and never experienced anything even close to that.

I’d say backfill is like 1/10 matches, and 1/2 of those are just Paris.

Most of the time it takes me less than 30 seconds to get a game as a tank or flex, and less than 2 minutes for support.

Thats why I only grind the last few games for my last gold weapon and then just play QP until OW2. Golden weapons was the only thing I wanted from comp. The ranking experience is beond trash and like you pointed out this is only the tip of the iceberg.