How much dmg blocked is good as tank?

I recently started playing tank more often and I’ve been getting over 10,000 dmg blocked as Sigma on end cards. Just wanted to know what’s standard for each rank/lvl. I’m lvl like 560 and am high gold/almost plat again.

I never got this kind of dmg blocked as Orisa and I’m just curious.

My avg is around 30000 on Orisa or Rein and around half that on Sigma

That’s the wrong stat line. There isn’t a stat line for tanks that really get at it.

For rein you should be competing for gold dmg every game with like 6.5-7.5 deaths per 10 min.

For orisa you should look at offensive assists, dmg per 10, and dmg blocked. You can get her deaths under 6. I played orisa for 2 years before she was meta, I would block like 25k back when I played her against Reinhardt. Dunno about now.

For winston, prob look at jump pack kills and primal melee %. Primal melee over 50 is good. Pros are 65%.

For ball, honestly don’t know what stat would explain what a good ball is. Not even deaths, even the best hamsters die a lot. As hamster just put nonstop pressure all over them. Never stop moving and rolling thru people.

The point is, main tanking isn’t about dmg blocked. It’s more about how much pressure you can put on the enemy team without dying. The good main tanks play very fast and always as aggressive as is safe for them. That’s how you dominate from main tank role. Exert presence over them.

When you’re learning main tank, you’re never going to be aggressive and dominant enough if you don’t just… feed… at times. You should be pushing the hero to get the intuitive sense of how much aggression you can get away with. Then you’ll get better over time sensing the level of danger you’re in and if you should be there or not.

Know what I mean? You have it backwards. Anyone can hold a shield. A good main tank jams the shield down their throat


It’s hard to say. Shield management is a huge deal for tanks who have them. You can’t just hold it up and have it break all the time, at least not if you are playing Rein or Sigma. You need to be shielding your team, yes, however you also need to realize when you should put your shield down and let it recharge so that you have a strong shield for when you need it. For example, to stop a shatter or to cover your team during an enemy ultimate.

It’s a tricky stat to discuss. It’s kind of like the damage stat. You could have high damage dealt but if you don’t have the kills to go with it, then it doesn’t mean anything. Shields are similar, in that sure you could block huge amounts of damage, but if your team keeps getting shattered or wiped by D.Va bombs or tactical visor, or whatever, then are you really being effective with it?

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Rein shouldn’t have that much dmg blocked. Reins shield exists to enable his hammer. The shield is for important CDs or burst dmg. If you’re playing against a widow… don’t play rein against a widow

That’s not what I was arguing at all. I was actually arguing the opposite. We pretty much both agree. I feel like you didn’t read my post all the way through.

Dmg blocked is weird stat, perhaps only semi important to Orisa and even then you really don’t want your shield breaking constantly as it leaves you and your team exposed. I mean if you just want maxim dmg blocked toss it 3ft in front of the enemy and let them do max dmg.

The other thing is high amounts of dmg blocked isn’t really a sign of a good tank so much as a bad team. That means your sitting in the choke way to long and your DPS aren’t killing anything. A team fight shouldn’t drag out for 5 minutes, one side should win and one should lose. It might be your team, or theirs but a complete stalemate that blocks tons of dmg but gets no where only helps the defenders.

Y’all are so focused on amounts. It’s not about amount it’s about when that damage matters most. It’s actually a good thing to let your team take some damage, so supports can build their ults, most of which are some of the best in the game. The damage you really want to be blocking is the high damage burst shots.


As Sigma I play really aggressive for some reason, I try to play aggressively on all tanks but it’s easiest for me as Sig. I do take dmg dealt into consideration a lot too if I’m playing any other tank. I’m also very good at my shield management with not just using them for myself and try to think out of the box with how I can use his shield, like for example blocking slept teammates, giving my widow/bastion a temp shield while they’re in a good spot, blocking enemy widow sight lines, Ana sleeps darts, hook, etc.

Even though I don’t play tank as much, I’d like to say I have more game sense than that of anyone else who’s around my level and I understand how to play each role(and heroes give or take if I’m mechanically good enough). That’s not meant in a cocky way either, it’s just that I watch a lot of streamer gameplay and love to watch informational OW vids on comps, characters, combos, counters, placement, etc. I am actually very self aware as a player. I know as a tank I shouldn’t be constantly holding shield as that does nothing for the team and it doesn’t allow you to advance.

I was just curious on how much dmg blocked is considered “good”, not that it matters though since you kinda pointed out that you should be focused on dmg dealt and I already knew that. Guess I worded it wrong lol.

Honestly, that seems kinda low. I’m usually on Orisa in Quickplay and a seven to ten minute game is around 16-24k. Overbuff says i’m pretty average.

60,000 damage blocked

I had an overtime game in Rialto a while ago and blocked 87k or something. They had a bastion tho. It was back when you could still yoink him. I got a triple kill on their rein bastion mercy trying to spawn camp the bridge.

Lmao, I was in total mayhem in OT and got over 70,000 healing done as Moira. I think I was almost at 100,000 after almost an hour of contesting when the enemy team finally lost.

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How many eliminations are good on a DPS?

There is absolutely no discernible way to measure even a “balll park” number For this.

You might be in a game where you win with gold and 10 eliminations.

You can lose with no medal and 30+.

It’s the same for tanks.

A high number may mean you were indeed blocking a lot of crucial damage.


It can mean you’re constantly putting your shield in a bad spot, and it’s blocking a lot “trash” damage.

The amount of times I’ve seen sigma throw his shield somewhere random, forget about it, only for a sym to come by feed on it and then obliterate his team? He’ll have a high “blocked” number, but was it really a good thing?


It’s just too wild to give any real response.

There was no standard usualy, because of differend match set up every game. Depending what heroes you fight with etc, if other team run doomfist, your stat dmg block alredy going down, if match end fast it also gona be low. Best way to decide if you did blocked a lot is if you get card at the end of match and other tank not, but it show raw numbers. Raw numbers not always say mutch, is important what you block

For orisa vs sigma, your shield on sigma is more mobile, and some people try avoid shooting orisa shield, thats why its easier to get high number on sigma

It literally does not matter in the slightest.

Damaged blocked is such a sutuational stat that it doesn’t really mean anything. Instead, I’d recommend focusing on if your teammates are dying or not.

Damage block doesn’t matter unless it helps you take space and maintain space. You can be blocking tons of damage, but if you’re staying in the choke point throughout the game, you’re of no help. You can be doing very little damage block, but if you are constantly pushing in with your team and capture the point easily, you’ve done a very good job.

I thought there was a “Heroes knocked back” or somesuch… There’s def a pile driver kills.

Yeh you don’t wanna be yolo charging in of course, but it’s often better to die pushing too hard than to constantly be retreating and “suffocating” your team. At least you can briefly give your team a chance to get in and cause some havoc and maybe turn the fight in your favour.