How long is it gonna take to nerf Ashe, Lucio and Reaper?

I do? Wanna quote me on that one?

sorry for snapping. I just get annoyed when people use pick rates as an argument. you can outheal dynamyte, even as lucio, if you focus bob he can’t do much. She takes a lot of time to master

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No worries!

The post wasnt meant as an “Ashe is OP like doomfist was and needs nerfs!”

The post was a bit satirical, but mostly from the other side.

MANY people were amazingly quick to use doomfists picks, and stats- to demonstrate how OP he was. Though to be more specific, they cherry picked his stats. Where 9/10 of the players exist- Doomfist saw around a 50% win rate. It was his GM rate (which represents 1% of the playerbase) that was cherry picked quite often to show how OP he was. Which was, admittedly- A little high. But in my view- Not unacceptably high. He was, at the end of the day, winning about 2~ games more out of 100, than the predominant meta picks who are in basically every game, often on both sides at the same time. Where doomfist was at his best, picked about once every other game by 1 team. His win rate crept up beyond this at one point, which was followed by his pick rate going up, and then his win rate going down immediately after (Because doomfist was being over-used in scenarios that he shouldnt be used in).

Personally- I view doomfist as an example of how hero balance should have been.

He was slightly under the mark in lower tiers. He was basically balanced where the vast majority of the player base exist- And did quite well in the upper tiers. The caveat being however that despite his power- His power quite obviously had limitations- Which is exactly why he was never a “must pick” (Nor did he ever dominate the pro scene, further testimate to this)

Now i DO feel doomfist was slightly over tuned. Prior to his ult speed increase, and shield gen buff- Threads constantly popped up talking about doomfist was trash and needed massive buffs. I was in all of them saying doomfist was largely fine where he was- And was on a razor thin edge for balance, so close that small buffs could and would push him hard. Then he got very small buffs- and we all saw how the community reacted.

I stand by what i said about ashe. I feel shes as balanced as doomfist was. That is to say, quite balanced. Slightly overtuned if anything, but by no means in need of a drastic nerf. And more or less an example of where the benchmark SHOULD be, not the opposite. Much like doomfist was: shes 50/50 for the vast majority of the player base, a little below in low tiers, a little high in high tiers- But never a “must pick” despite her obvious power.

The satire of my post was poking fun however at people who whined doomfist was OP, throwing his stats in your fact, but give a pass to Ashe despite her having the same stats (And Ive definitely seen some of these people in this thread- But i will skip names). its like they willfully turn a blind eye.

Stats only matter when they paint the picture people want them to paint.


I view Ashe’s high pickrate to mean she is just fun to play. Like with Doomfist. I’m expecting Ashe won’t be picked much in OWL but a ton in GM. Because OWL is filled with just meta while GM players play what they find fun

Ohno events that aren’t the main game mode got retuned, how dare.

Anyway my point was the speed comparison between the two.
They can put anything through on any console their game is on with great speed, while Blizzard just leaves it broken for weeks until they get around to their first attempt at a fix

Again, unless you’re Sombra, in which case they’ll get on that ASAP

Then everyones an idiot, because I can’t name 1 person who doesn’t want Blizzard to cave into their balance demands.


I have no clue why you’re pointing the finger at the people who made rage posts when Blizzard has screwed up balance with or without the community input.

Then everyones an idiot, because I can’t name 1 person who doesn’t want Blizzard to cave into their balance demands.


I have no clue why you’re pointing the finger at the people who made rage posts when Blizzard has screwed up balance with or without the community input.

But once again, she needed rightful nerfs on those 2 platforms, so why are you not listening to their valid criticism? You are so set on your bias and pov that you can not seperate valid critism from rage posts.

This is valid criticism.

That’s a quote from a post within that same thread.

How are the differences not obvious?

But Ashe can ohk when boosted.

And my point was, if you’re complaining about some sort of balance, then this applies to you:

This is the very precedent that YOU set.

Yeah she does.

I already covered this above. You just seem to want to make a scapegoat rather than actually addressing the problem, which is Blizzard and their poor balance team.

People still say Bastion is OP and need nerfs.

People hating heros is nothing new, but I can filter out those remarks when it seems like you can’t.

amen to that :slight_smile:

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Nerf all the heroes!

-Abilities are too OP
-Guns are too OP
-Melee weapons like rein’s hammer are OP

How about we just give every player 1,000 health, armor and a shield and only give them a melee attack (like they punch with their fist). And, every character does 50 Damage per punch and moves at the same speed, regardless of size or body type.

We can turn OW into a glorified boxing match! Call it something witty like OverBox. Boom. Done. I just solved all the nerf threads. There. Everyone happy now?



So either you were out played or you had really bad positioning.
Bob is fine.

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It’s an ult, having him be able to be solo’d by a Hanzo would make defeat the whole point of his existence.

Dynamite is fine the way it is.
Its a skill shot, it deserves to have that much damage if she can land that shot.
If she throws it on the floor, it’s location and presence is loudly telegraphed by it’s sound cues.
It’s on the player to find a health pack (which cleanses the burn completely) or get some healing.
Honestly, unless you’re alone, it rarely does that 175 damage.

If only. It’s that all these heroes synchronize well together. It’s a mixture of the tanks picked do too much damage ( and Zarya, both are #6 and #8 on DPS per match out of the 16 DPS, meaning they’re better than actual DPS damage with grav being extremely game changing), too much AoE healing stacked on top of each other, and speed boost allowing all of these close-ranges targets to get up and personal with ease.

Tl;dr - GOATS isn’t because of Brig solely. AoE healing, 2/3 tanks doing way too much damage with game changing ults (they’re #6 and 8 on damage boards out of 16 DPS), and the character syncing well together cause it to be strong.

Again, a Mercy problem, you cant nerf Ashe because ANOTHER hero makes her stronger

That is not far from the truth

I saw the image and i dont see any issue there, Ashe looks about the same has the others

Maybe because im more than done? do you know how it feels to play heroes you like that people do nothing but complain about and then have said heroes pretty much killed, and then people call you a thrower or that now you need skill to play them?

Im done with the pathetic crybabies that do nothing but cry about heroes, and that once that said heroes get nerfed, they do nothing but laugh at the players that played said heroes

And im done with the braindead Devs, that dont even seem to play their own game and listen to the BS and balance around that, if they even had a brain cell they should have know that nerfing Doomfist like that was beyond an horrible idea

(BTW something went wrong at the start of your post)

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( ‾ ʖ̫ ‾)

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wtf is wrong with Lucio?? honest question I play rein so I don’t really know

According to highly intelligent people, he is the main cause of Goats and deserves to be nerfed to trash

Here we see the wild rard in its natural habitat

I mean yeah he helps goats but with that logic every character that is in goats should be nerfed. He’s decently easy to counter.

You just described how stupid the crybabies are

You’re literally requesting her skillshot to punish her against using it on larger groups. What kind of sense does that make?

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