How do YOU think Echo is important?

I’m curious what everyone thinks. How do you think Echo is so important?
Personally, I’m think she’s maybe some sort of central AI similar to Athena.

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Echo is a ditto, and can copy the ability of any hero.


That sounds cool. But how would that play out lore-wise?

As you said, she is an AI, that have the data of every member of Overwatch, and possibly their rogue gallery as well. She seems to be made of a hard light body instead of the usual metal omnic body. So, my theory is that she is used kinda like the danger room of X-men, where she simulates abilities and skills from the database and craft temporary stuffs with hard light tech.

In game I envision her as being a “reverse sombra”, where her right-click can channel “data” from an enemy target, and whatever she steals become one of her abilities for a certain number of uses. Think of a copycat character, like Rogue (MvC2), or Kirby (Smash Bros).

Echo counters EMP. She can cleanse friendly targets.
EMP now has counterplay. She also has a shield similar to sym 2.0
I really miss that shield, it was a lot better than people realized. It could block shatters and bombs easily.

Well, Geoff has at least hinted that she may be a flying hero so there’s that.

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My other theory is that the devs will slap most of Sym2 kit on her, and balance it towards a more support-ish role. So she keeps autolock beam (probably with less damage and a debilitating effect), keep the slow piercing orbs, keep the throwing shield, get a version of Shield Gen as an ultimate, and still have one ability for some kind of healing, in exchange for the turrets.

She will be important in a 5 minute cinematic, probably a comic, mentioned in some voice lines and then never spoken of again like every other hero.

Sorry to be so pessimistic but is really difficult to get excited about the story and lore of heroes these days. I really want to get some meaty lore added to this game, a real story I can get into and play. We need a campaign mode!

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I’ve got the feeling that they’ve a shieeeeeld generator.

I still think she IS athena in some form or fashion…time travel stuff, animated short actually being way more in the past than we think, idk. I just can’t shake the feeling

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I think that Echo is the bridge between omnics and humanity. She seems to be known by Mccree but she doesn’t know Winston so it confirms that she has been there before him. As of characters we have seen beforehand in the Ana’s origin story, she could be the woman next to Mccree. Maybe she got into an accident and they had to transfer her mind into the robot. It would make sense for her to be the bridge as originally a human who has been given an Omnic body, a soul transferred to code. That’s why she is so important.

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We havent heard anything about the last founding member, Liao from the characters yet they want Echo because shes important. I think its her consciousness transferred into an android body.

At Blizzard sometimes death is temporary and i could see a God AI do something like that.

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Echo will be the Shield Support.
Rally replaced shield generator, but Echo is classic Symmetra reimagined.

I imagined a hero like that long time ago. Imagine using the ultimate of any hero in the match lol

oh my god! this is awesome!!

in terms of lore she seems to be a close person to mccree (maybe his partner if you know what i mean :wink: ). She was shutdown after overwatch shutdown. maybe she was something so important to overwatch organization?

She’s the McGovern plot point in the expansion.

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