How do you imagine the dragon brothers of Junkenstein rev?

It’s been years now since BLizzard showed that swordsman Genji with the 2017 Halloween comic, and it has never been seen again. But I would like to have an opinion from you in the community (especially from those who have been playing Overwatch for years knowing this “mystical lore” for the first time: are you still faithful to the thought of having the dragon brothers as they were imagined at the origins of this event or would you prefer to “rewrite” the fantasy of this lore with new aspects for the dragon brothers? here are some suggestions:

  • Edo Brothers: (Hanzo Kabuki / Genji Swordman comic): do you prefer it classic?
  • Oni Brothers ( Hanzo Demon / Genji Oni): do you prefer it as demon couple?
  • Tengu Brothers (Hanzo Dai-Tengu / Genji Karasu-tengu): do you prefer it folkloristic?
  • Ghost Brothers (hanzo Onryo / Genji Cyberdemon) : do you prefer it mythical?