How do you get Pink Mercy?

It’s the biggest head scratcher about this team’s business sense.

You’re obviously both greedy and desperate to make money.

They would have made Diablo Immortal bag had they put Pink Mercy in a store during Ow 2 launch or in a super overpriced bundle.

Especially when they still had the Chinese market.

It may come back to be sold but they blew their chance to make easy millions during this game’s re-launch.

Company is still out of touch with their playerbase wants and demands.

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I’m sure a celebrity would use their actual name in a videogame lmao :sob:


all the proceeds went to charity, not blizzard. but your point still stands

You can get a pink Mercy by going to the Overwatch League page in the shop, going to the Spark team and getting the Mercy skin from there right now.

So what you’re saying is, is that they are NOT greedy. :thinking:

Go back in time to May 2018 and purchase the skin in the game. Just watch out for Spider-Man 2099.


actually, Pink Mercy will return when and if Blizzard says it is coming back, no matter how many forum members declare that it cant or wont ever happen

plans can and do change

recent example: pve

and it should be noted that in the time since that statement was made, Pink Mercy appeared in the Valentines event. Didnt have to be, and had to had been approved by Blizzard management. The stance seems to be changing…

there’s been no crying that I know of

asking? yes

crying? no


haha that’s crazy idk why I’m so surprised I met someone from the forums in the real game. u wanna duo queue sometime?

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sure i def wouldn’t mind! lets just hope the queues aren’t 12+ minutes LMFAO

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Yeah lol, the games I were queuing for yesterday were like 12 minute queues each…:sob:

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u got discord tatianna?

Step 1: Build a time machine


IT depends upon blizzard and the foundation they raised money for.

The players that do not want it back are the ones selling their accounts and product keys online for scalping purposes. People know that the skin was for charity, but it also looks really nice too.

So people want THAT SKIN. its a 2 for 2 thing. Most of us that didn’t buy it that year didn’t buy it because we were broke or we thought it would be a yearly fund raiser and would buy it again the following year. I had an aunt that passed away due to cancer, within the same week as the skin launched, so I was sour not to buy a skin and was busy with Funeral stuff.

So I figured it would return the next year as a fund raiser again and many players did too. It didn’t come back the next year.

So I mean the most people can do is write Blizzard and the foundation that they raised money for and encourage them to do it again.

The BCRF has already declared that they would like to see this offer return

so the proverbial ball is entirely in Blizzards court


I love pink. Pink is good…especially the pink parts of mercy!

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It should be noted that there is several skins in game that are similar to the pink mercy skin. Sugar plum fairy comes to mind.

Yah so there are two options. The first one involves a phone, a microwave, and a whole lot of bananas. That one might end with Cern taking over the world though. The other way is to use the LHC to create a mini black hole but in that time line Cern has already taken over the world. All in all I would say neither option is worth you getting the pink Mercy skin but if you are determined those are your options. I guess you could also get a Delorean up to 88 mph … yah no one dies in that time line … that is probably your best bet

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Here, enjoy it in this replay code: 0TPZX9

Go to 6:25 and listen to the sound effects when I rez Ana. I think most players don’t know that a jingle from a harp plays during some abilities. Usually rez and some flying during Valk.

Also, my purchase history says May 8, 2018.

The bananas are intriguing please elaborate

lol, I was referencing an anime about time travel called “Steins Gate” They accidently make a time machine with a microwave. The first thing they successfully send back in time is a single banana which instead of heating up turns gelatinous and reattaches itself to the bunch of bananas from which it was torn. That is also where the Cern (makers of the large hadron collider IRL) was coming from, it was a reference to Steins Gate