How do y'all feel about Sombra

Idk how to feel about her, on paper she seems fine a low dps character who can easily get in and out but struggle to get the kill and will ususally have to coordinate with her team to finish off enemies, but in practice the niche scenarios where she thrives almost never exists because of the prevelance of healing means that sombra won’t be able to find any vulnerable targets to finish off since they’ll be healed right back up, so you think “ok well I’ll just go for solo kills” but the problem is that even if you hack them there’s still a fair chance you’ll loose in a 1v1 as many characters even without there abilites can still put up a decent fight
and those that are ability reliant like tracer gets there abilites back before you can do any meaningful dmg

so you have a character who cant finish people off because of all the healing in the game

and getting solo kills can be very difficult because many of her matchups are fairly close

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This is a video game, genius. It’s all digital – no paper.

Geeee thx for the input I’m glad that I share the same planet as you doooo :expressionless:


Definitely better, but i think there are better more consistent dps to select from. Whether it be from how they do their damage or ease of understanding how they are going to play by other teammates.

But I do enjoy being on mercy gank duty.

Sombra isn’t a DPS character in the same way that everyone else is. Her purpose is not necessarily to get kills by herself, but rather to disrupt the enemy backline to the point where your whole team has an easier time getting kills.

That is to say, her value to the team is never really going to be reflected in her stats.

You’d think but she’s not very good at that either, the most she can do is divert attention for at most 2 people for only a couple of seconds, she’s not threatening enough to Warrent anymore help, I mean if she tries to kill like an Ashe, a single Support swooping in will force her to tp away or die, and once she does the enemy is right back to fighting, while a genji or tracer can effectively divert more attention because they’re dengerous enough to warrent the attention from multiple people

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i love sneaky skulker characters in games, they are my favorite.
the issue with sombra is too much emphasis on subterfuge and its a character that ENABLES bad habits and play

staying invisible too long
placing translocator too far from fights
translocating out of duels and engagements too early
not seeking picks and just doing trash damage to farm emp like its 2019

people get lulled in a false sense of security and play the hero so badly on top of not using the crucial callouts she needs to work. shes a brain dps more than the others but her kit allows you to not use your brain and not get punished but theres also SOO LITTLE REWARD when you do this. all in all it leaves a lot of sombra players being the least effective person in the lobby.

remove the permanent invis so you have to be more deliberate.
remove the walls from hack.
make her act out of invis faster.
increase her gun damage to 8 per round or lower her spread further

make her into a true flanker and one that makes deliberate actions or else you get caught with your pants down.

I dislike Sombra in the game until Hammond is in the game, then suddenly I love having her around.

Sombra…is fine at the moment

I stand by that, yes a strong argument can be made for her being weak and I would support it however here is why I say she’s fine at the moment
Permanent invisibility → hacking while invis ~permanent translocator.
These 3 changes (mostly the first two) gate keep her from being able to have a stronger presence, as soon as they finally take away permanent invisibility again she can buff other parts of her kit, Sombra should be in and out. Difficult to detect? Yes impossible to avoid? No

Permanent invisibility is a crutch that holds her back.

I think there is a lot wrong and I’m gonna give my complete thoughts (which is all my subjective opinion) which ultimately amount to nothing and I’ll say why at the end:

Hero just needs yet another rework, in my humble opinion. When she is weak she is useless, and the moment she becomes remotely useful the game suffers for it. She is horrible to play with, against, and as. Even if she isn’t in a strong state and your team is winning, playing against her just feels inherently frustrating and annoying.

The main problem though is that certain heroes get absolutely dumpstered by her with extremely minimal counterplay. For example, playing Zen, Ball, or Widow into Sombra is an absolute nightmare. Playing tank into Sombra is a miserable experience that leaves you to choose betwen bad and worse match-ups.

I think infinite duration stealth and translocator may have been mistakes. More than that though is that the functionality of her hack (and possibly even her ultimate) feel like they still need to change. Especially if we were supposed to go down the route of “only tanks have CC”, why does Sombra have a silence? Even if it only is effectively an interrupt (and yes, I understand Junkrat and Ana have harder CCs).

I think another major issue with her is that if you make her gun too effective then she becomes this horrifying stealth assassin that can literally just pop out of thin air and kill a backline member and then safely teleport out. Very easy/high value for very little risk, with arguably the best “get out of jail free” card in the game. On the other hand, if you make her gun too weak the hero feels awful to play as and with. She seems to just do nothing. All that being said, I think her gun has to be gate-kept because of the permanent stealth and how the translocator works.

To further the problem, in a coordinated team environment, she can sometimes be way too good, which gate keeps her balancing for the rest of us. Her ability to scout, set-up, and coordinate a targeted dive on a specific target is really powerful. However, the average matchmaking lobby is just going to be 5 people on each side playing their own game, and so she just doesn’t work as well in practice.

All of that being said, I mentioned I would say why the none of this matters; the hero is getting a soft rework anyway. It looks like hack is going to be getting different functionality and they want her playing more with her team than off in narnia. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


I would be fine with seeing her get a few more buffs because she’s certainly not OP, but I think you underestimate the value a good Sombra can bring in blocking the enemy DPS from key healthpacks and severely restricting their ability to position.


Sombra pretty much has to be reworked again, which I believe Blizzard has confirmed they were working on for some future season. She’s a lot like Widow in that even in times where she’s a terrible pick, she sucks the fun out of the game regardless of whether or not she’s actually getting any value.

There isn’t really anything they can do to balance her numbers wise. Her kit lends itself to being either terrible or oppressive with no real in between.


anti-fun character that needs a rework

It’s funny how history repeats itself. When I played world of warcraft I started off as a warrior. Never cared for the “stealthy” rogue class since I always thought heroes wear plate armor and you’ll never catch me wearing leather slacks

Then in a couple expansions I decided to quit playing only male warrior heroes. Was like ok finally time to see what this rogue class is all about. Rolled a female night elf rogue since it seems to make sense and then that was it. Thought to myself why in the hell didn’t I do this sooner.

I’ve played every class practically in wow but rogue by far is my favorite class

Fast forward to overwatch when I started out as being a one-trick widow main. Played the other heroes but widow sniping was my thing. When sombra released I was like meh looks complicated and although I tried her briefly it didn’t click with me. It was only last year out of boredom that I finally tried to make some sense out of sombra. It also helps that invisibility is permanent and not on a timer. Something I didn’t like with launch sombra. One year later and I Love her more than widowmaker. I need to be sneaky lol