How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 20)

I don’t need to pore over the internals of the matchmaker because of all the awesome people who do unranked to GM/Top 500 runs. It works; if you can’t climb, you need to get good.

It works, if you can’t climb you need to get good.

Being called out on a bad analogy by logic, you failed to address the core concept. You think pun/ctua.tion; a missd letter, or misuse of an homonym somehow designate a failure of argument. Even when almost every time you do I see bizarre unnecessary mistakes in your own writing in the very same post.

You seriously are equating not being able to find something out with being able to find something out. Sounds great.

No, I’m saying that if you’re going to claim that the system is rigged in the face of overwhelming evidence to the contrary then you’d better be packing some equally extraordinary evidence.

I’m certain that you will get some likes from the “the system is rigged against me in particular” crowd, though, so… white knight win? :+1:

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Did you claim that? Let’s look:

Can’t see the word rigged in there. All I see is that you claim not understanding many things. All of which you could easily research.

Maybe you referred to rigging in your next post:

Nope, not there either.

Are you misremembering something here?

I think you’re confused. I’m not the one claiming that the system is rigged.

Surely you jest? You are doing some amazing rewriting your words now. When did I claim you claimed the system was rigged?

You must have made some claim about rigging in your post for it to have any relevance to not being about how rigging doesn’t happen. You didn’t though. Want to try again?

So is comp system rigged? Yes or no?

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Sorry, I really want to get on board with your random white-knighting, but I have no idea where you’re trying to go with this. Can you maybe state some kind of opinion that isn’t presented in snarky rhetorical question style?

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Nope, I checked with Jeff and he showed me the source scripture, definitely not rigged. Still. :rofl:

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Sorry, I’m too scared if I do I might get my spelling corrected since that is such an important matter you must correct.

Base line:

  1. You made a false equivalence that MMR and MM is similar to how a car works, since you don’t need to know how a car works to drive it.
  2. When called out on this you resorted to correcting the smallest of possible word mistakes.
  3. When called out on that you persist that your argument is about rigging, not about whether you know the MMR and MM systems or not - which was the premise of your post with the bad analogy.

My position is that you are not nearly as smart as you would like to believe. I like to make sure you are shown up when you behave like that - seriously you had to think it necessary to correct pour vs pore and that it made you look smart? It made you look the opposite.

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Oh, okay. So you’ve got nothing to contribute, you just want to put me in my place. Consider me well placed, good sir knight!

Don’t be scared, there are knights everywhere willing to defend those who believe in flat Earth. (False equivalence is different from an illustrative example, by the way.)

I do, and I’ll leave it here again for people to read and decide for themselves whether the matchmaker is 100% impartial or not:

EDIT: It looks like I linked a thread that caused a PTSD style reaction from iloveyou. I’ve changed to a quote from a different thread so they might get some sanity back.

HAHAHAHAHAHA Hello Cuthbert. :rofl: :rofl:

Revisionism, exactly what I’d expect from someone who subscribes to conspiracies.

You seriously have some superiority complex issues there. Can you show me anywhere Cuthbert has referred to this patent?

You are a complete fool.

Wow, that’s like twice you’ve completely shut me down with your rational arguments that definitely don’t smack of ad hom. :+1: Well done, sir knight.

Show me where Cuthbert talks about that patent. Still waiting.

Until you do so, everyone can see you don’t actually have any arguments, and are thus a complete fool. Not the first time either.

I’m not the one making extraordinary claims; I don’t need to provide anything.



This hole can’t get any deeper surely?

I am kind of lost in all this. What is your opinion about matchmaker, is it rigged or not Jorlan? . If it is rigged, can you explain how is many people able to climb? For example i climbed from bronze to gold in few days just recently. And if only some people are punished by rigged system, why is that and how are they chosen?


I recommend you fully read the patent as it is very clear. If this patent is applied to Overwatch it would suggest that if a person plays a few games significantly below their usual historical stat range the matchmaker will engineer the teams for the next match to give the player a game that will bring them back to their historical stats. This is pretty clearly rigging if true. If it is true for significantly lower stats then the inverse will be true.

Also, by the terms of the patent, this could not happen every game you are in. There will be players that it never triggers for as they play consistently, and players that are so outside their true rank that it would be unable to compensate for and they will keep playing with higher stats until those become their new baseline stats. As such, it does not stop climbing.

It is designed to keep players playing. So they can buy more lootboxes, or exist to keep the population higher to retain those who do buy more lootboxes.

(Sorry, got pulled away a few times so this post got massively delayed)

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