How can I tell how many people have reported me?

I did not realize that it was supposed to have been given a warning, so I am pretty fing pissed about that.

im out of the loop on xqc…but did he get banned by blizz or by the reporting system? cause id imagine theres a difference…

By the reporting system

I did when I tried to play Bastion for a few games. Working as intended.

pro players like xqc begs to differ- they get a warning, but never given set of rules to read or warnings to avoid “politically incriminating” - “opinion” against this X by another Y person/s or group/s that didn’t like his/her behavior

papa jeff, come on, Overwatch player base was slowly dying, why did your marketing team kill off the pro player/s that market the game?

Anyways bless us papa Jeff - close thread perhaps xd

xqc is extremely toxic


This is not true Jeff. The last 3 times I (my account JollyJohn#11748) was actioned against, it was without warning. The last action included a lifetime ban, was without warning, and provided no specific proof. When I pointed this out to Blizzard’s support team, they said my account being actioned multiple times leading up to my ban were my warnings.

Why would my account follow a different set of rules, and ironically, without a warning that I’d be subject to? This isn’t the firs time it’s happened, nor is it it the first time I’ve brought it to Blizzard’s attention. Unfortunately, it isn’t the first time either that Blizzard’s support doesn’t care enough to even acknowledge this, but they’ve even gone as far and have taken offense to my continual tickets as abuse and harassment, to where they suspended my other two accounts as a result.

Is this how your support team is intended to operate? I literally asked them why I didn’t receive the warnings that you preached about the day it came into existence, and continue to preach about it to this day as seen here in these forums.

Am I missing something here, or is the support team not the right place to ask why a feature you implemented isn’t working, even if that mishap so happened to result in my account getting banned?


Actually I think he did get warned.

Other people tell me you get warned before a ban also big nécro post.

xQc was warned and is extremely toxic.
Matter a fact I’m having a talk with one of his sponsors right now about his behavior in the past and in the present. Because I think his sponsors deserve to know the kind of toxic person they are sponsoring.

I also love how we just decided to open back up a thread that was 4 months old, since we did that I might as well ask if these warning come via email or in game?


Thank you for showing me what they call an angey stalker. Someone following someone around determined to make their life worse. I’ve heard of such people but I never thought they were real.

Theres a difference between stalking, and informing ones sponsors about a person who demeans other groups and individuals.

In the past hes shown sexist, ableist, homophobic, and even (one time) racist behavior.

I simply think his sponsors should know that.

When you’re an influencer you carry with you a big responsibility, your actions affect the thoughts and actions of many others, xQc has cultivated a toxic community, and even he knows the responsibility he carries, he even said it one time before making an ableist comment. And I quote “I wouldn’t want to make my sponsors mad, but…”

That’s why there is an appeal system, to make sure penalties are legitimate.

Too bad they just copy-paste a “you’re guilty. tHe RePoRtS sAy YoU aRe. Here is a link to the code of conduct”

You can even send them numerous photos of false reporting proof and submit tens of support tickets about false reports and harassment and it doesn’t mean anything.
Not. A. Thing.


The race thing was proved to be a lie right so in addition to stalking its also spreading false rumors fo add to your odd fascination.

You have an odd fascination with someone you are in no way forced to see, talk to, or interact with that, but you still feel a need to try and go on a crusade against for some reason.

I just can’t imagine this being okay in any other field. Imagine I went to your work (assuming you are old enough to have a job) and showed your boss every bad thing you ever did (taking it as out of context to make it look as bad as possible). After you get let go, I do that for every future job you get. You would file a restraining order by the end of the week because that is clearly wrong for some guy you don’t know (even if you did still not ok) to follow you around ruining your life but you feel that is ok to do to someone else.

I’m sure sponsors did their due diligence so barring you finding some new issue you are basically doing what I described above.

like the rest you will get no answer

I don’t take these things out of context, I’ve created a descriptive report, and attempt to be as in depth as possible.

While, yes, it would be strange to do that to my job. I am not an influencer, I don’t have a large impact on society.

Should I write a letter detailing his toxicity? Because I sincerely doubt that would work, perhaps the reason I do this is to make him realize that he really should change his behavior. Something he has been told many times before and, I hate to say it, but he needs to grow up.

His behavior is that sincerely that of mine when I was 16, it’s quite profound really. And since a true, valid talk would most likely fail, whats the next step for a raging 16 year old? Consequences.

I have nothing against people of a certain age, I do have something wrong with people who have failed to grow up.

He knows, everyone at Blizzard knows, they just don’t care. Seriously. Would it surprise you if the game developers themselves participated in these forums regularly, just with aliases? Or played the game themselves and saw what goes on, with a normal name, not something orange that says “Game Developer for Activision-Blizzard-Overwatch”

Haven’t gotten any warnings at all, me nor people I play/played with who got banned. Lol

I hope you get the help you need sooner than later, legitimately.

Which is why I’m wondering if warnings come in game or via email.