How can i set all health pack to hacked

i want to set all health pack to hacked at the start and unlock it after kill X, sleep X or capture X

how can i do that?

No not straight forward and not directly as you desire, you would need at assemvly phase or setup phase create two Sombras one for each team, teleport each Sombra to the first health pack, let Sombra face toward the health pack and let them start holding secondary fire for 2 seconds to hack the health pack, then do that for all remaining health pack, then take into account how long each health pack is hacked and repeat those steps when a health pack becomes available and your conditions not furfill all over again until these conditions will furfill, if for example Kill X is reached, destroy those Dummy Sombra Bots for the rest of your game. Here you can find a resource for all health pack locations scrapped out by @Teawy, note some maps are leviated down and coordinates may be outdated:

[Health packs locations | Wiki |](

Also keep in mind those Sombras can hack other players instead of the pack by accident if they walk in by any chance.

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I’ve gone over every single map, aside from CTF Busan Downtown (LNY) none of the maps seem to have been moved and the one that did didn’t even move on the Y axis, so It might have been me who unintentionally offset all the position for that map.

Unless this offset issue only appears if the game is running, which’d be quite odd, this is straight up false.
It’s unlikely too that the positions were updated by the Devs to accomodate for that change when all they can do is guess work as to which Vectors are related to maps in those Script, if they did that it still doesn’t accommodate the hp’s as those weren’t even stored in a Preset, I’ve double checked all maps from the forum post variant.
Found some other minor issues like Practice Range being unable to be imported, as mentioned above Busan Downtown (LNY), and one of the Nepal variants had bad placement by me, but nothing for Y axis offset.

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So are you implying the Devs posted wrong update notes? Or forgot something?

Apparently, wouldn’t be the first time.
Unless they fixed it with Ow2 Baptiste still has 0.7sec Exo boot charge time instead of the intended 1.

The option for specifically being related to non base game mode maps like CTF ones is also still on the table as I didn’t check those.

For Hybrid, Control, Escort, Deathmatch and Assault I can deny it though.

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