How can I prove that i'm not hacking

Bans are treated differently than reports for toxic behavior. They are not automatic either.

I have been here since launch, they ban in waves, not target specific. They gather a specific number of accounts that they have suspicious activities confirmed and they ban them all together. You can also Google it. We are talking about thousands of banned accounts back then. It is manual thing.

Good for ya.

Actually it’s not impossible it’s just a skill great widows pick up! :smiley: I’ve even seen a few amazing console widows hit shots like that! So all hitting air shots says about you especially if you aren’t hacking is that you are a damn good widow. Honestly all you need to do is have those on hand and if you do get actioned send those to blizzard and make them admit you are just that good

They only connection Blizzard has with Destiny is that they share the same app. Not the creators or company.

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My point was is that each report category is different . However cheating reports that are not certain to be 100% accurate, are indeed investigated by the risks team. I am not gonna argue with you.

Yea, I guess I really can’t be banned. I now have a clip where it’s obvious that I don’t Hack since i’m missing my target more than twice before I hit

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The sad truth is that only hackers get banned.

If you have or use only other program on OW, you get banned, unless you blatantly throw games in videos that have over 200k views and in live streams. Even so, your account gets suspended and you can still play in another.

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Your best option is to keep playing the game as usual if you happen to be banned just appeal. If the ban is upheld then there is most likely a reason behind it.

Nonetheless, there is no way for you to prove that you are not hacking at this time nor to request information about recent reports on your friends OW license.

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You know what, you’re right

Hopefuly this puts your mind at ease.

Jeff Kaplan: Reports for cheating are investigated by our Risks team. They have very sophisticated means to detect if you are cheating or not. If you weren’t cheating, you have nothing to worry about

Source: Reporting me for cheating

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Oh, now I know what the problem was… I used a VPN for a short time

Humblebrag on the forums some more. That’ll work.

Sure i’m proud of being a good player, but I really tried to get help here, not to argue and humblebrag. I don’t want to ruin weaker players games, I Just want to get away from there.

How is that a bannable offense?

? What do you mean ? The thing with the VPN ?

Using a VPN doesn’t get you banned per-se, unless you used the world’s worst VPN service that made you warp around the place, or have an advantage in eliminating enemies.

Then I really don’t know what the problem is… I guess the only way to find out is to contact the support

Support is always the answer. But if you tell them you’re using a friend’s account, that could lower you chances of an appeal if you do get banned again. Because, technically you would be ban-evading given your first account.

As far as I’m aware. You aren’t told why you are banned. Nor do you know if someone reported you. I think. If enough reports come in you may get a warning saying you’ve been reported a lot recently but the game never tells you that you have been reported, for every single report that comes in.

Now, as the other guy said. Sharing accounts isn’t allowed we believe. I need to personally read up on this so take it with a grain of salt but. Even though she/he gave the account to you. Its still sharing. Oh and, this is just me but, the accounts. Don’t they all belong to Blizzard?

I’m pretty sure they do and we only have a “license” to use the accounts.
And last time I checked, though I can be wrong here, you aren’t allowed to share or give away what isn’t yours to begin with.

As for your previous suspension. I doubt a vpn would cause a ban.
You can as the others stated, to contact support but don’t get your hopes up in finding out why exactly the ban came. As they don’t have to share that information.

Could you share some clips for us to see (of gameplay that was actually reported).

From everything I’ve heard, the likelihood of a false ban is astronomically low, and is not an automated process just from being reported. I mean this in the most sincere way, but it’s really hard to believe you given the difficulty of getting banned, especially if your background activity is limited to “playing some youtube videos.”