How Baptiste Enables Role Queue

Imagine this, my friends…

I specify Damage as my preference and queue up to play. The matchmaker fails to find me a decent match within a specified amount of time, so it instead defaults me to a new fourth role—Hybrid class—and puts me in an available match.

In the Hybrid class, I can choose a hero like Baptiste who allows me to fill for the team while also enjoying the kind of DPS mechanics that I specialize in. This feature allows 3+ DPS players to exist in a 2-2-2 comp, with each of them still getting the opportunity to excel within their forte.

The concept enables role queue while hopefully mitigating the long queue times associated with it. The matchmaker could also strive to give me my preferred role at least 50% of the time in an effort to make this system fair to everyone.

A reworked Brig and potentially Sym could also fit into this class. Zen is already an arguably strong candidate for the Hybrid class as well.

This is just a thought. I know little of the complexities of the matchmaker so maybe I’m crazy, but I wanted to share nonetheless.

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I personally don’t like this concept. If you wanna play dps, you play a dps. If as a dps you feel your team aren’t pumping enough healing or providing enough space, you can switch to soldier, Bastion, Symm, Mei and doomfist.

Same thing for ppl role queue for support. If as a support player, your team is losing, then swap to Zen or Baptiste. Not instalock Baptiste just because you want to play a dps hybrid character when your entire team does not synergized with your hero. Also as a support main, support player intend to dps should stick to dps because you will end being more trouble for me to heal than actually assisting in heals - considering Baptiste was designed to be a main healer.

Just because you swap roles but still play a reckless Reinhardt or a sniper Dps Ana, you dont actually fill the team. Instead, you abuse the system just so you can skip long queue time and play a hero in a way it was not designed to be played that way.

I rather play single healer mercy with 5 dps because at least I know they are all generally Squishies, so I can top them relatively easy and have many targets to fly around instead of being stuck in 222 when Roadhog or Moira decided to flank and pick Zen who can’t defend himself because I didn’t realize my off tank and main healer are actually playing dps hybrid or whatever.

So I would prefer you either queue for dps, support, tank. I would rather not have a hybrid option but if it is there, then you are expected to flex to any hero and not just some hybrid mix of whatever.


No you shouldn’t be able to queue for just the support you like or just the dps you like. You should pick your role and accept your damn queue times.


They implemented Baptiste because of the role-queue.
Jeff said they have a few people looking and working on it.

They cant currently launch it, because there are no heroes on the tank and support roster that dps-players could enjoy playing.
They need to increase the willingness of the playerbase to play either of those roles first and to stop hogging the dps-slots so viciously.

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Just because the new hero shoots nerf darts it doesn’t mean he’s somewhat of a dps.

250 potential DPS. 500 with headshots.

EDIT: These numbers are utter nonsense but leaving for the humor they’ll bring future readers.

Wat, where are you getting those numbers?

75 damage per 3 round burst, two bursts in .95 seconds for 150, 300 with all headshots.

And this is only within 20m, otherwise his short fall off range kicks in.

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Dislike the concept.

I prefer being able to pick all 3 roles when queuing up and on my prioritized role I can tick a box, and it queues me for all types, and every time you don’t get your preferred role, you will get a preference point for that role making you first in the queue above others with a lesser priority rating. It evenly shares the role in the fairest way possible, and queue times are still low on a game by game basis.

With that system you can also add in role based SR, which is definitely a plus for overwatch as a whole.

But your idea still leaves us unable to use role based SR, would still try for longer queue times on average for DPS players, would not allow a person to specifically only pick ONE role and just tank to queue times taking more control away from the user, and if your hybrid class means you could pick zarya/baptiste/brigitte/mei that also means we have to jump through hoops to balance the game by catering for possible stacking of a certain role, like how brigitte is TRASH in 2/2/2 but powerful in 3/3 because of how they HAD to balance her. Flat 2/2/2 with priority queues and role based SR is definitely the way to go, and it’s not even a very confusing system for people to consume.

It just makes sense.

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Thanks for that info. When I did those calculations, the Wiki didn’t have his “recovery time” between bursts listed yet so my numbers are WAAAAY off! :rofl:

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Well, I still imagined strict 2-2-2 and role-based SR, which I think is a critical component of RQ (All four roles would have SR in my concept). But no biggie if you don’t like it. Everything you said is swell also, and I’d be perfectly happy if it could be implemented like that!

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Interesting but which heroes would you categorize as DPS-Support hybrid or Tank-DPS hybrid? Because although Moira does the most healing we see an awful lot of people play DPS-Moira which is infuriating. The only true Tank-DPS hyrbid would probably be Roadhog, but I’ve seen far more DPS players who take up Zarya because of her massive damage potential. But for some reason people categorize her as an off-tank.

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Nah, he enables role queue by allowing me, a DPS main, to select healer and enjoy faster queue times and yet I get to play the role I love. Bonus points because I can queue with a tank. See you later suckers! Enjoi yo thirty minute wait times.

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In my opinion, the only clear DPS/Support hybrids currently are Baptiste and Zen. There admittedly aren’t enough hybrids for this system to work now; it would require several new hybrid heroes to be released or existing heroes like Brig to be reworked and moved into the class, so I imagined this as a long-term thing.

But if Blizz can pull off something better without a fourth class, that would no doubt be preferred!


Not dps therefore it’s not fixing the problem of pretty much ruining playing dps heroes.

This is very similar to some things I’ve heard other people say about it. What some people say is that if we don’t want a long queue time to just not play dps (not fixing the problem) and others say with a backup role kind of like you are but that just means there’s a very high probability we will get that backup, which isn’t fixing the problem.

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Okay, but there is no fixing the problem. That IS the problem with forced role queue. You have to learn to game the system, mate. Hog mains are going to love this. He is just a thicc DPS anyways. He is going to get instant matches… and they nerfed Reaper into the garbage again… so guess who I could hypothetically pick up? Is he trash? Yes. But still better than Reaper tho.

And my duo can always queue as a healer. Gah. Imagine that, waiting less than 30 seconds a match while our poor brethren grow old in queue. A sad fate for them, but you can save yourself by thinking outside of the box. Some next level stuff to keep the fun going until the game inevitably dies like a month after role queue gets added.

Needless to say, if you play DPS, play the ever living… love out of them now while you still can. Your team can beg you, offer you gift baskets, promise to boost you to GM, whatever, just ignore their pleas and click heads… because we only have like, idk, a year?

That is the sliver lining. Blizzard is slow. Lul. That is plenty of time for them to test it and go, oh, gee golly whiz, 30 minute queues ARE bad. Who woulda thunk?

My Internet is out, so I am salty. I want to live Reaper’s last moment of viability and here I am giving pro tips on how to survive the DPS genocide. You join them, fam. We are wolves in sheep fur. They will never suspect the Hogs and Baptistes of the world to be filthy DPS mains. Ha ha ha… they are so blind. :triumph:

why do people think baptiste is a hybrid support dps?
His gun doesn’t have a good dps unless you can consistently land headshots, and even then it’s 150-something.
And outside of his ult he has no damage assisting ability.


I can consistently land headshots as a former Widow main. Mystery solved. He is a deeps. Solo ult for days homie, and land more headshots to get more solo ults. You just need to git gud in the hood, fam.

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isnt solo ulting kind of inefficient?
also, even with all headshots he loses to zeyatta in the damage department.

c: Thanks for the good discussion on the topic c:

I appreciate you :slight_smile:

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You too, friend! Sorry for the late response. I got so busy I forgot about this thread. :rofl:

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