How about today?

Anyone got OWL stuff today

Got some. Missing random stuff. Don’t have Baptiste and Sigma promo skins, but have skins from further down the watch time list.

Missing most of the stuff from the finals still.

I haven’t checked yet, but I’m ready to be disappointed 🫠


I dont have my hopes up, theyre still calculating the watch time ig. :no_mouth:

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This was stated yesterday

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They are so delayed in everything-

Still got nothing sadge

Yeah. The amount of delay’s is really upsetting. I’m just glad that they are at least acknowledging that there is an issue, instead of just shafting everyone who hasn’t received their rewards.

And this was only for the Grand Finals Weekend…

No telling if they do anything about the rest of Finals week.

I assume it encompasses the entirety of the week.

Who cares?
I’m not even stressing myself to look anymore, playing Darktide is ACTUAL fun and I’m in the middle of sorting a small car’s worth in Warhammer miniatures back into my huge display wall that now is fully lighted with LED spots.

I am a super positive person but the mismanagement and toxic community of this game ground me down to the bones, so why bother for some mediocre skins nobody is ever going to use that only exist to replace the “content” that we were promised that never came and is now hidden behind a paywall?!

Wake up everyone, this game is dead.