How about some constructive criticism?

So I’m making this topic because I see plenty of complaints on these forums, but most people are too busy complaining to offer actual criticism rather than just saying something along the lines of “this hero is over/underpowered and/or unfun so you should buff/nerf this hero.” I just want people in here to offer ideas on how to improve different parts of the game such as maps or hero balance or game modes etc. Try to keep from just turning this into unhelpful complaint thread.

So here’s my input:

Hanzo: Lately he’s been a bit too powerful and honestly I don’t mind that since I main him, but here’s an idea to fix him up a bit. I preferred him pre-storm arrows, but then we’d have to change scatter arrows. I say we should change it to an ability that gives you 6 bounce arrows. Each arrow can bounce 3 times and you have 15 seconds to shoot them all and the damage is the same as normal arrows as you’d have to still do the draw animation to maximize damage.
I know not many Hanzo players will like to be reverted, but I honestly like the slower arrow and a bouncing arrow is just something that makes Hanzo super fun. This change would make it so that Hanzo does need a lot more skill to be good with him, but in the right hands he’d still be very powerful.

Brigitte: I’m personally with the group that thinks she’s overpowered, but I don’t think she’s like, super overpowered like most people on these forums make her out to be. Just make it so that her stun doesn’t do damage or make it so that her shield bash disables abilities for like 2 secs. The first option makes it so she can still fend off Tracers and Genjis, but doesn’t let her instantly delete them. I understand people want to delete those two heroes, but please at least make it so you can delete them with someone who needs equal skill. The second option makes it so she can still delete Genji and Tracer, but she would have to at least somewhat aim her whip shot, making it a bit more fair. Both options also still give her the ability to cancel ults and the like, but make it so she’s not oppressive af close range.

Reaper: Honestly I think he’s a little better than F-tier, but here are my thoughts. Make it so shadow step doesn’t make a loud sound and remove the red beam of light. This makes it so you can’t really track where he’s teleporting to and if you’re close to where he is teleporting to, it punishes him for trying to teleport too close. I’ve also seen the idea that he should ignore armor bonuses, and I think that’d be good since he is supposed to be a tank buster.

Genji: They need to fix his deflect because there are too many times where I deflect a McCree stun and it shows the flash bang go back to him, but I’ll get stunned and my deflect will go on cooldown.

Roadhog: Decrease his spread just a little bit and make it so that he gives half the amount of ult charge per damage. People want to revert him to a hook+instakill guaranteed monster again, but that’s a bit much for a tank.

Doomfist: They need to fix exploits for his abilities, like his ability to fly across the map. I also want there to be a way to fix his uppercut so that it doesn’t make u basically helpless against him, but I’m not sure what to do about that. They should also make it so that his secondary fire doesn’t instakill squishies if you happen to be in a small space and he doesn’t even charge it.

Mercy: I’m ok with where she is, but you have to admit that she’s not able to contribute much if she can’t be an effective primary healer. Maybe give her the ability to heal 40hp/s and let it charge up to 60hp/s. The conditions to reset the charge would be that healing someone at full hp doesn’t give you a charge and not healing anyone/healing someone at full house for more than 1 second resets the charge. Make it so that she increases her charge at a rate of 5hp/s. This would make it so that she’s not super annoying in short fights but during tema fights, since she’s trying to heal everyone during a fight that lasts at least 10 seconds, she can heal effectively.

McCree: Give his roll a lower cooldown (edit: I was informed that he’s getting a buff to a 6 second roll cool down and that’s good enough), but keep the cooldown of the reload on the roll. Remove that giant beam of light when he ults. Change his secondary fire to be more like revolvers in CS:GO. This way his secondary fire is more useful and won’t use up the entire clip every time.

Arcade: I want to say just leave all the game modes there all the time. I don’t really see the point in rotating game modes. If it’s to make it so that the players aren’t spread too thin across the various game modes, then that’s a little sad.

Game mode: Maybe add a game mode like gun game from Call of Duty. Every kill switches you to another hero and getting killed by melee sends you to the previous hero. The only issue with this is that Rein and Brigitte both use melee for primary fire.

Competitive: I don’t know. I feel like it’s becoming more like quickplay as time progresses and that’s not how it should be. Not really sure how to fix that. Maybe add random lootbox drops? But that might make it more like quickplay.

That’s all I got for now.

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Just a heads up, the community likes to complain about everything while not being willing to read long constructive posts. If there’s anything longer than a paragraph people will just ignore it. It’s the sad truth.

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Lets fix everything! - My take here you go

you can bump it up if you want to XD it would help me

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Off topic but I forgot Darkrai existed completely until I saw your name. Jeez I need to play pokemon again.
Agree with Reaper; Shadow step is possible to succeed with rn but is so clunky.

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Lol I haven’t played Pokemon since Emerald. Don’t have any Nintendo products unfortunately and Emulators just don’t feel right and make the game feel boring.

I know this is off topic but investing in a Switch might be best, especially if you want to get back into the series, starting with Pokémon on an entirely new console would seem like your best bet. Gen 8 should be out next year.

I’ve thought about it, but priorities make it so I can’t get one now, along with the fact that I don’t have money to spend on whatever I want quite yet. I do plan on getting one eventually tho.

I think you’re going to regret asking for bouncing arrows if that ever happens. It’s more random than skillful.

Yeah that’s an issue with how arrows interact with some surfaces in this game, but there are plenty of times where it’s not too random. Since it’s not as oppressive as scatter arrows and not as spammable as storm arrows, people who don’t play Hanzo can’t get angry about an op skill. The people who do play Hanzo however might complain or might not. I think most Hanzo players would be happy with bouncing arrows.

The key would be for the team to fix surfaces so it’s not random. Easier said than done ofc.

I’m speaking from my experience as a Junkrat main. Bouncing projectiles are cheesy but not much else. It’ll make Hanzo stronger at low ranks and worse at high ranks.

I don’t think it would be that cheesy. Junkrat’s projectiles are because they do a lot of damage and have a decent radius. Hanzo’s arrows wouldn’t have that radius of damage and they only do as much damage as you get from drawing the arrows. Maybe they would need to change the amount of bounces from 3 to 2 instead. Due to the limited bounces… It’s highly unlikely you’ll get a lucky kill from single arrows.

My constructive post is honestly to revert Mercy to her pre-rework form with these tweeks (I’ve said similar things to this before but I guess people missed it?).

In fact I’ll say before I even start there are SO MANY examples of great constructive criticism, including posts from me. Too often people take constructive criticism as some sort of offense, which is not what is intended!

If we didn’t care, we would have left and we wouldn’t be fighting for change.

My suggested changes:

-Put mass res back. But now it requires LOS and doesn’t award the crazy huge amount of “SR” as it did before to mass res and hide.

-Valkyrie is removed.

-FLYING ASPECT ONLY of Valkyrie is put onto Mercy’s E with a 1-2 second duration. For a quick “get out of here!” moment.

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Erm, for the Mccree, im not sure if youre aware but he is getting a buff on the cd, from 8s to 6s. Any lower than 6s would be too much imo.

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Ah I just never see the constructive criticism posts except for a handful in response to a nerf or buff thread.
As for your suggestion, I think that’s pretty good, but I saw a great suggestion to go with that in another thread. I don’t remember who said it but someone suggested a kinda charge for the mass Rez where the longer you hold it, the wider the radius of the mass rez.

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Junkrat’s nades are tiny and often phase through targets, his spam isn’t even good.

Bouncing arrows would hit more reliably because bouncing emphasises the things that cause those “he didn’t hit me but he hit me” moments, like having the shaft turn in the air. It wouldn’t have splash damage but it could one-shot so it’ll be even more inconsistent and lethal.

That’s not even getting into Hanzo already being better Junkrat.

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Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State then explain this post being the top post on the forums :joy::ok_hand:


Alright now I get the idea that you have about it. Sad that’s true.

Hanzo was considered a troll pick pre-storm arrows and people considered him to be useless apart from scatter arrows for the most part so I honestly thought that if you took out the tank busting feature of the ability while also removing a large portion of rng it would be enough, but I could definitely see people getting mad about the “lucky” shots along with the idea that his arrows hit people without actually hitting them.

I really do think it would have to be tested out before deciding whether it’s good or bad, but ptr isn’t really good for that supposedly since rarely does ptr have any effect in the end.

Brigitte: Are you aware that they are nerfing her shield from 600 HP to 500 HP? Let’s let that go live before we try nerfing anything else on her. Sound good?

Reaper: Shadow Step needs changes. However… he is not and has never been a tank buster. He’s a lower mobility tankier and higher damage flanker… who has an absolute garbage flanking ability.

Mercy: What? That doesn’t really address or fix any of Mercy’s actual problems.

Hanzo was always supposed to be a tank buster. I think the real reason people don’t like Hanzo is that his only weaknesses are dps, a lot of dps suck, and Hanzo’s a generalist.

There aren’t any tanks that do well against him and he’s really forgiving. I think other parts of the roster need changing, and that will solve the Hanzo problem.

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Forgot to add ‘Unless your name is Titanium’.