How about a counter for Pharmercy?


There are way worse issues on PC than Pharmercy of all things. If you were talking Console I could see that, but lol


Part of the issue here is perception.
You dont want a counter. You want one hero to simultaneously hard counter a duo of characters.

Things dont work like that.

Pharmercy is 2 characters. There’s plenty of other 2 character duos that beat Pharmercy. Zen & McCree for example.


You can’t really counter it unless someone on your team is helping you focus one of them.

The only way to hard counter them solo is using Widowmaker.


Yeah my money’s on Pharmercy winning that matchup.


I thought the counter to pharmercy is teamwork and accurate shooting.


This is still in the PTR so it is still subject to change

The pharmercy wings will be cliped. Not removed, just cliped.


McCree is slowly shaping up to be the best counter to PharMercy. The PTR introduces a buff to his damage range, decreasing his falloff and making him able to deal more damage to further distance target like PharMercy. Widowmaker has the potential to be the best counter, but her lack of mobility while scoped and slower rate of fire can give a good Pharah the opportunity to burst her down before she can get away with grapple.

McCree, while not perfect, at least gains the advantages of a higher rate of fire and easier sightlines of the PharMercy duo so he can see incoming rockets and move out of the way quicker than a normal Widow can. He definitely still has his drawbacks, yes, but he’s getting there. Slowly.


Widowmaker, dva, the changes coming to soldier and mccree’s fall off should be helpful too. But with the constant mercy healing, a widow is the best bet.


Well that’s a nice change, for sure. :slight_smile:




Broken record mode engaged…

  • Pharmercy is 2 heroes so you need 2 heroes to fight them effectively just as if it were gency or widowcy, there will never be a single hero that ‘easily counters’ a pharmercy combo
    -There is already every single mechanic to combat pharah put into the game so far, we have:
  1. A close range hitscan-McCree and Hammond
  2. A medium range hitscan-soldier
  3. A long range hitscan- Widow and Ana
  4. An auto firing hitscan buildable- torb turret
  5. A virtually guaranteed ultimate kill on Pharmercy that requires no aiming skill- Deadeye, Tac visor, self destruct
  6. A character that disables Pharah’s flight- Sombra
  7. An any-range sniper- Hanzo

Not going to even mention the upcoming hitscan buffs and Mei icicle buffs. There is nothing left for them to give us to combat pharah/pharmercy besides a cooldown one button press skill that instantly kills Pharah wherever she is, with no aiming.


just shoot te mercy first, pharamercy makes her exposed. killing her makes the team and pharah open for dinner.

also just take a sombra hack the mercy or pharah down or take mecree and zen combo. either 1 is workable on pc or console.


Because Ana is not useful and even if we have her it is hard to heal ban pharah



(sorry whenever I see your name I have the urge to say it…please dont hate me >_<)


Do people really have issues taking down Pharmercy?!


I shut them down all the time with McCree.


You see in the latest PTR most hitscan has reduced falloff now, Mei’s falloff is completely removed. Also we got the hamster, who has rapid fire hitscan weapons too.

Do people just don’t read patch notes or they want PharMercy deleted.


Reduce Pharah explosion area and it would be ok.
The problem about Pharmacy is Pharah don’t requiert half the aim needed to counter her.

But since lot of player abuse of this combo, we gonna have lot of angry kid if blizzard want to nerf her a bit.


Just because there are counters doesn’t magically make it fun to fight at all. Even on the PTR well over half the roster still can’t even reasonably interact with pharah/pharmercy whatsoever.
Those heroes just hop around shielding or dodging or fleeing. It’s not fun. It’s not dynamic/interactive. It’s not good play. It’s just, ‘avoid it until specific heroes deal with those specific heroes’.

No other hero in the entire game forces that kind of ridiculous playstyle on so many heroes. Permanent flight does not belong in this game.


thats sound about what the forums want


How is over half of the roster can’t reasonably interact with them? The only ones who cannot reasonably fight a Pharah are Reaper, Junkrat, Symmetra, Reinhardt, Brigitte and Lucio, which is 6/28 and is less than a quarter. If you can’t interact with them probably means you don’t wanna switch.

And in fact fighting a team that builds around Tracer, Genji, Brigitte, Junkrat, Mei, Bastion, Reaper, Lucio, Ana, Winston, Torbjorn all requires you to switch up your composition and play style to deal with. Are those also not fun?

And what is your definition of fun anyway. Failing to define anything about such a subjective word before stating it actually has very little meaning. You could say being killed is unfun, you could also say fighting with little limitation is unfun.