How about 2/2/2 instead?

que times ARE bad, its becoming +10min

AND theres now ANTI-incentive to climb, you get to play less, go figure.

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That’s also called “making an assumption.”

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Okay, but solving an issue with another issue overall doesn’t solve anything. DPS shouldn’t have to wait 10 mins (60+ in GM) simply because everyone wants to play DPS. They got the worst of it. GOATS lowered DPS pick rates, Role Queue came in an virtually fixed nothing, and now we’re complaining about it because DPS players should be allowed to play the god damn game?

Oh really, I’m pretty sure the post said the contrary - quoted straight from him

Tanks are very boring. Another big reason dps play as tanks is because you can actually have some fun charging everything as Rein. No one enjoys standing there with your shield up until its low then recharging it and doing that again. Tanks are the equivalent of Bastion when it comes to fun.

Don’t remember that being the case.

It isn’t a decent comp. It isn’t really a comp at all. Putting 2 of every character role when people only wanna play one role doesn’t lead to balance it just leads to people playing tank/healer as dps and that’s horrible. You really think the game is “WAY better” I see healer/tank players always boasts when they manage to get a gold medal in dmg or kills and they blame the dps for not doing enough, but the healers/tanks are the ones not doing their jobs, but OW players are so brainwashed that they won’t say anything to a tank or healer because those players have a holier than thou complex and will immediately troll 10x harder if you tell them they’re playing their role wrong.

You description of how you are supposed to play Rein is wrong lol

I didn’t describe the correct way to play Rein. I described the fun way to play him and the way everyone plays him in low elo.

And 4-5 DPS also wasn’t a real comp either.

Don’t give pre-222 that kind of credit dude.

would a 2/2/2/1 work out?

2 tank, 2 short to medium range damage, 2 support and 1 long range shooter such as Widowmaker or Ana.
This way flankers would have to think a little more before doing their moves.
It’s just an idea, I wouldn’t bet on how good it would be for the balance

Fixed it for you, because do you really think the developers are just like that going to throw away years of work and tens of thousands of dollars by removing/altering a system that the majority of their player base already enjoys??

That’s just ludicrous :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

It’s interesting.

The community created their own self-implemented limits by constantly demanding others to “go 2/2/2 or throw”. We got role queue literally to pander to these people, even though it’s only ruined the game even more.

And now we have a case where those people might be forced to try out a different comp standard for the literal benefit of everyone, and they’re the ones complaining about how it’s BS that people are forced to pander to others.

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If it wasn’t a valid possibility then they wouldn’t have been spending the past 2 months testing other comps internally.

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Doesn’t really matter how many DPS there are. I also play FFXIV where there is tank, healer, dps. Damage roles and players in that game are much higher than tanks/healers, and you will often wait much longer when you queue for content as a result, while having very short queue times as tank/healer.

It’s just something dps-exclusive players are going to have to learn to deal with or find another game to play. That said, it’d help a lot if they’d create more variety for the tank and support roles and stop giving more variety to the role that already has too much.

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I still think 222 is one of the biggest positive impact on games balance, not just for DPS, but for Supports and Tanks.


100% this. In my last 10 matches of QPC, about 8/10 of them involved 5 DPS, and maybe 1 support or tank. “Oh it’s quick play, who cares?” how is that fair at all? It was the exact same thing before 2-2-2 and it totally sucked when you had to solo tank/heal in comp.


If anything it sounded like they tried some alternatives and found that the alternate options (ie 141, 132 and 232) weren’t viable for various reasons hence they’re staying the course with 222.

He seemed more positive about 132, but said that there was tremendous pressure on the solo tank and it meant that much of the tank cast was unviable without extensive changes to either turn them into what’s colloquially known as a main tank, or turn them into a Damage hero.

They may go with 122 with some sort of flex so that where the main tank can request an off tank from the flex player, though that does leave them at the mercy of the flex player…

Seeing as another year of OWL is coming up and dev cycles/resources seem to be reassigned when it’s on… well, I doubt anything is happening for another year (if OWL league numbers drop though all bets are off).

So… 1 tank, the most punishing role in the game, is the solution?

222 is trash and everyone knows it.