How’s it going! 😄

My word it’s been a crazy year, and a crazy few months. Just wanted to check in on everyone, haven’t been here in a while. I hope you are all doing well!!:heart:

Share how you have been these last few months with everything happening out there, any cool stories? I’ve been playing lots of games👍

Stay safe and stay epic!!!

Edit: Also thank you for asking how I’m doing, sorry I can’t reply to all of you individually, but I’m glad you guys are staying cool❤️


Im kinda sad - my boyfriend lives abroad and my country decided to leave the borders locked till 16th of June - and then maybe even longer. :pleading_face:

But yeah what else can I say…
I spend a lot of time with my family - which is nice and I really do appreciate it. We are all healthy tho and yesterday I saw my grandparents again after months!
They were so happy and so was I! :heart:


It’s been a great month so far, only a month left of this virtual high school hell I have to live in

I’m having fun playing both Overwatch and Valorant tho when I am free

How’ve you been Jelly?


kinda not great since it screwed up my senior year and everything related to it :confused:

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It has been a great time for gaming and completing side quests I never thought I would have time for.

But reality is setting in this may be a long term trend since they just announced Evo got cancelled. So much for vacation to Vegas in august.

I got my health, family, and games. That’s all I need besides a cure for this virus to become a reality.

in lockdown for what, 2 months now i think, lost job, all i did was play games…all i can say, thank Odin for balcony, a lovely platform of air :smiley:

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Just know I think about you all the time, and you’re a awesome person. You bring me wholesome joy, and I wish you nothing but the best in all of life :heart:

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Funny enough, I’ve been able to bond with some of my friends more because of the lockdown, so it’s been pretty nice!

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Omg it’s been so long dude!

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I’ve been tired and a bit anxious, but I’m really happy that school’s almost over. Also really pumped for anniversary and summer games fest ^w^

Hope you’re doing well too! Also I’m curious, what games have you been playing? Stay safe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Is it worth it? I got a key 2 weeks ago but haven’t played as the anti-cheat scared me off LOL


Tbh I haven’t noticed anything with the anti-cheat. I think it’s fine.

But yeah the game is super fun, though I’m not dumping OW like all these other guys :joy:


He’s aliiiive! Glad to see you here Jelly! Hope you are doing well my friend! :grin:

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Hey Jelly.

Honestly a mixed bag with a struggling future.

Where Mania is the current normal for everyone else.

(Just focus on getting to next year.)

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As someone who’s school was already online, and didn’t go out much to begin with… my last few months have been completely normal lol. Actually it’s been even better because since NBA is cancelled they have been playing a lot of old NBA game. So I’ve gotten to see all the legendary players, like Mike and Magic (realized that Magic is not on Mike or LeBron’s level tbh)

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I am fortunate enough to have a career that lends itself to telecommuting. I also work for a company that has been largely unaffected by the lockdown. So I’m grateful I still have a job to support my family.

The last couple of months have been good as I have been able to spend a lot more time with my daughter. Even though I’m working during the day, I can still turn away from my computer every so often and talk to her for a couple minutes. So, even though we get stir crazy, it has been nice to have more time with the family.

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Might have come up with a way to fix queue times, prevent double barrier, prevent double offtank, and prevent anything that plays similar to GOATs.

But I’m not feeling creative enough this morning to compact the idea into something that won’t make people’s eyes gaze over due to too many details.

✅ Modified 1-3-2 that can be 1-1-2-2

But I got my level 3 back, so I can probably just think up a way to a way to represent the idea visually.


It’s great to hear from all of you, and I know some of you are struggling. Hang in there, you can get through it​:heart::heart: Stay strong and stay epic!!!

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