Horrid matchmaking

The matchmaking in this game is absurd. It’s a constant flow of steamrolls, both wins and losses. I’ll get a few games where we slaughter, then I’ll get a few games where their DPS are expert marksmen, and mine can’t get a body shot on Roadhog.

How is any of this acceptable. Like 1 in 5 games is a literal good game.


Just had a silver game with a clear duo-queue Rein and Hanzo when I solo queued, AND their tracer was a smurf too. Every single kill cam was just tracer GLUED to my head zipping around in circles.

Games getting real old and I just reinstalled it today.

Just got out of a game where the enemy tracer CLEARLY did not belong in our rank, when they ended the game with 41 or so kills and ZERO DEATHS. I am really doing my best to censor my language right now. The constant steam rolls by players that are either smurfs or clearly do not belong in the rank they are in is getting old. I am close to uninstalling this forsaken game.


This sounds awful but I’m just calling these games GG. F it if we lose. I dont care anymore

Oh i’ve just got numbed to the experience. now i’m going through comp just to get the gold since that is the only monetary value that holds any real worth it seems

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