Higher skillcap mercy?

no. please inform me!

That’s only 300 healing every 8.5 seconds.

That’s a overall healing of 35 hps

Pretty big hit to what she can do now.


your right. i wanted to think about higher burst healing with a limit, but i see that that limit is too harshhow about it restors at 50 hsp?

I think the point still stands, her beam is just too easy and for a hero’s main weapon to be this straight forward… well… yeah

That’s what I’m saying lol, her kit is already pretty strategical based, some say it was even more before, so the only thing that lacks actual strategy is her beam

With Valkyrie and Resurrect on E, she became less strategic and her skill ceiling and skill floor has decreased significantly since the rework. Also, read this if you want to read a more expansive explanation:

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I’d take it, 'cause her skillcap and floor are basically the same right now. o-o

The rework raised her skill floor already there isn’t too much you can do with her without making her a new character

ok, il look later dont currently have time. keep in mind im not saying she takes no skill. its just that keeping in mind a combination of her mostly undesired current state, and the communities toxic perseption aparently (not. mine) i attempted to come up with something, and id like to review peoples thoughts. keep in mind i know that this needs tweaks even if the general design is sound.

Honestly speaking-

If I wanted to raise mercy’s skill floor, I’d approach her in a way that maintains her functions as is, but leaves opportunities to reward precision to one degree or another.

Imagine is mercy’s beam for example “ramped up” like summmetras beam- but instead of ramping up over time,

It ramped up depending on how curved the beam was.

Give it 3 primary zones.

Zone one, the weakest, is when the beam is tethered, but the target is basically on the far sides of the players screen, or off of it.

Zone 2 would be within a relatively moderate circle of the center of the screen- imagine an area about as big as the circle soldier 76 uses to aim tac visor

Zone 3, would be when mercy’s cross hairs are relatively on the target- and the beam is pretty straight. Imagine the proximity needed to use moiras grasp.

You could rank it from 50, to 55, to 60.

By no means a “nerf” from her current state- with it being a boost in a lot of situations.

A huge perk to mercy is her allowable situational awareness. She can pick a target, then swivel freely and monitor everything

This would trade trade that off a bit- for a reward. With a bigger reward the better you can track your target. Using your tracking to augment your healing, and keeling mental tabs on things around you instead of explicit LoS and visual.

the only thing that lacks actual strategy is her beam

If you play alot of mercy you know you have to make the choice of who to heal and it can be really hard sometimes.
Save as many lives as possible is not as easy as you think it is.
Compare grandmaster players with even diamond ones you can not miss it.

what about moira, you just pee everywhere and spam 360 and you heal 5 peoples :confused: no skills there for heal aim, same with lucio, just an aura around him, zen, you click on someone and the orb does the job. The prob isn’t even the heal in general, but the rez

I agree but application is what I’m talking about, yes there is decision making (more with 50hps) but if you wanna heal someone all you need to take in consideration is if someone else needs it more or not, with every other healer you need to fulfill a requirement on top of choosing who to heal, so in that regard her healing beam is the least mechanical intensive part of her kit and as such if you were to try and increase her skill floor/ceiling you should focus on that part, no?

i disagree i think this single target lock on healing is fine. i just think the healing should be high burst. i think it is partially where the stigma comes from… thd fact that its hold to limitlessly heal. brigette can use her pack and suddenly turn some fights atound suuuper fast. turning a squishy v squishy into something else even if brigete doesnt koin in. that kind of burst can be a great thing and for mercy to do it more consistantly i would llike personally

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Yeah I see what you mean I also want some sort of burst healing for mercy

For me though the best course of action would be to add it onto valk since her main strength is to be a sustained healer, so her being both at the same time all the time is just a bit too much

Mercy is a one star hero, putting her in the same category as Briggette.
No way Blizzard is going to increase her skill Cap!!

Heals for 300 after 5 secs- thats a nerf as it takes an additional 4s for health to increase as opposed to current 1s auto-heal . The rest of the design you suggested is just way to complicate for blizzard to code and not worth it AGAIN for a 1 * hero. Its good food for thought but no way blizz would consider any sort of measures like this

too complicated to code? most of this is already there with diferent settings. the only diference is heal rates and recharch rates and recharge delays. would it really be that difficult?

Mercy doesn’t need to be more mechanically skillful. One of the major draws of her character is that she is a little more simple to play. Skill isn’t always measurable, also. A lot of people choose her over other healers because she is a bit easier to play. I don’t think this needs to change. There are other healers that take more mechanical skill that could be played instead.

I’m all for changes but if the intent of them is to make her more “skillful” then I don’t think it’s the right call.


I am all for raising her skill ceiling once again to make her more strategic like she was before the rework.

Rez as ultimate is alright and I agree with the LoS and even a casttime but making it a 4 second cast is basically throwing the ult away. Lucio has a short animation of 0.6 seconds I think before activating his ultimate and you can already stun him out of it. So giving Mercy such a long casttime makes the ultimate pretty much useless.

Arceus already gave you a link to Titaniums thread so I am not going to post it again. Would be nice if you have the time reading the suggestion in it and leaving your thoughts about it in the thread. :slight_smile:

The rework didnt raise her skill floor at all it just dropped her skill ceiling down to almost the same level as her skill floor. Which is also a reason why many former Mercy mains dont like the rework.

Well we dont have to change the base kit of healing/boosting and flying. Just with a more bursty and strategic ultimate she would reward good gamesense and timing again which she doesnt right now. So increasing her skill ceiling once again doesnt mean we have to increase her skill floor as well.
Having a beginner friendly hero with depth to it would be the ideal outcome to me. :smiley:


TF were you smoking and where can I get some. This would make Rez one of the most useless ults in the entire game if not the most useless. 4 seconds, in LoS, of DEAD teammates. The enemy team just got do killing them and I’m sure that unless you are strictly single Rezing behind your own teams shield you WILL DIE. Not to mention that depending on how the died there could be someone on you at the first mention of “heroes never die” whether or not you are behind a shield.
And if you Rez a teammate that was say behind the enemy team (thats the only thing is can see this being used for) you probably just fed that poor soul to the enemy team.

This would make Mercy a higher skill cap hero but also make her clunky and would negate her role as an entry level hero

Having the same cool down as current Rez is a bit much, I would rather on have 5 or 6 seconds or maybe even less for a cool down shorter than 15 or 20 seconds.

Overall nearly everything you have put forward would raise Mercy skill ceiling but would make her one of the least forgiving characters in the game and one of the harder ones to get value out of. As Blizzard has stated, Mercy is an entry level hero that is meant to bring in players who are not familiar with FPS and this is not the type of hero they would be comfortable playing.

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