High Ping Issue

So I use verizon and recently I’ve been experiencing high ping (160+ ms). I have done everything I can do, from restarting my pc to my router, but nothing is working. So I’m wondering if there’s something wrong with the servers themselves

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Tons of people are having this issue with blizzard servers. Fro East and West coast. Everything else works fine for me until i start playing overwatch and whatever they broke is ruining the game.

Not noticing any lag on North American servers atm (currently playing Comp). Perhaps it’s something on your route to Blizzard instead? In order to check, need the WinMTR requested at top of forum:

Looks like the issue got resolved. I’m now getting 30 ms like I’m supposed to.

EDIT: NEVER MIND, it keeps going up to 70

The staff said issues may have resolved now. If not, go ahead and add a WinMTR to the thread they’re watching:

| WinMTR statistics |

Host - % Sent Recv Best Avrg Wrst Last
G3100.myfiosgateway.c0m - 0 363 363 0 1 51 1 - 0 363 363 1 6 77 3
________________________________________________ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______ ______

WinMTR v0.92 GPL V2 by Appnor MSP - Fully Managed Hosting & Cloud Provider

Unfortunately, Verizon is blocking the ability to use the WinMTR diagnostic. Since this has been an issue on the ISP’s end from the start, I recommend reaching out to them for help resolving any remaining issues.

Does this mean that this issue won’t get resolved until I contact Verizon themselves. And if I do happen to do that, what exactly should I tell them? My wifi reached unusual spikes in latency on Overwatch?

It likely won’t be resolved until Verizon works out the issue with the routing company they are using. This is an issue outside of Blizzard’s own network, but they are monitoring the other thread regarding this, so I recommend adding any additional comments/info there. [Verizon] Random high ping wont go down