High ping across all regions since a few days

4 days ago, for the first time ever since the game released, my EU ping jumped from 28 to 48, which is still doable.
I was playing on NA servers as well, and then it went from 120-130 to average 200-250.
It even spikes up and down across 200 all the way up to 500 ping.

What’s happening? I never had these issues beforehand, and other games and services have zero issues.
I had 1 game where all people in my game also had high ping, and reading a few threads here where others are experiencing the same, so this shouldn’t be an ISP issue?

This also only happens during my late early morning playtime, which is between 1am and 7am.
And it’s happening again at the very time this was posted.

Well, keep in mind that players only post in Tech Support if they have an issue. It can look like “everyone” is experiencing something, when really it’s a small amount of players.

If it’s happening at specific times of day, then this is usually due to overcrowded/oversaturation on an ISP’s nodes. You can confirm this by running a WinMTR to the game server during your normal playtime.

Instructions in the pinned thread: