High masters ana main, giving insight on the buff

The thing is that tracer and genji are both very oppressive to ana, considering how immobile she is, by having her be able to 2 shot tracer, if you land a hit then tracer is forced to either recall or risk staying and dying, it would force the tracer to fear the ana more


I would take an increase in ammunition or even a slight reduction to her reload speed.

It’s odd that she reloads faster when there already ammunition in the mag, opposed of reloading when empty

that’s another change I would want to see on PTR to be tested, ana is pretty apm dependent so decreasing her reload speed could mess her up a bit

and I also find it weird that she reloads faster with ana in the mag, I always reload when there is 1 bullet left, if anything it should be the fast reload all the time so that we can have the extra bullet to heal, it would be nice

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I just want Grandma Ann to get off life alert and proceed to be the solider that we all know she can be.


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You can recall when you’re hit with the second shot as Ana’s damage is not instantaneous.

Every 200hp character is 3 shot, Tracer at 150hp should not also be 3 shot. She’s the most mobile character in the game and it’s super hard for Ana to hit her. I say this as a Tracer player, there’s no excuse.

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you see I agree that a wall climb would be cool but it wouldn’t help with this mobility creep we’ve been having, because if ana gets mobility then zenyatta needs it as well

another way to get ana into the spotlight is to also nerf moira’s healing potential, because now there is a lot of aoe healing in the game while ana is single target

That would make tracer way to ineffective

not necessarily, it requires her to play smart, and remember it still depends on the ana to actually aim the shots and land them

She isn’t supposed to do consistent healing like Mercy or Moira. She’s a burst healer and I like her that way. I think what she needs now is a self sustain and maybe a slightly shorter cooldown on sleep.

I understand she is a burst healer the issue is that moira bursts just as quick and it’s aoe



20 characters

There you go…


Yes the wall climb is just a meme joke. If anything Zenyatta should be able to sprint like Solider 76 :wink:

That is actually frightening to image. I think I would quite the match if I ever see something like that.

However, I think Moria’s healing potential is fine, it just we need to think carefully when it comes down to Ana because one wrong buff and we can end up with triple/ quad tank meta.

Thank you for this. :heart_eyes:

well we just went through a quad tank phase due to moira’s aoe healing, so im not sure if ana getting a boost would really threaten that to come back

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Time can only tell…

yes she is, what the heck… whats the point of a healer that can’t consistenly heal? she only burst every 10 sec or whatever? haveing more aim would do more “burst” healing… who the hell would whine about this?

She would only need to land 1, to make tracer back off.

Live: 8 seconds to unload a magazine of 750 healing, with an additional 1.5 seconds to reload. Effective sustained healing output = 78.9 HPS

PTR: 11.2 seconds to unload a magazine of 1050 healing, with an additional 1.5 seconds to reload. Effective sustained healing output = 82.7 HPS

However, the real difference comes between the ninth and tenth second of shooting. Live Ana would have to reload, where the PTR Ana could shoot four more times, potentially saving an ally who would have died. Her healing “uptime” will increased by 40%, and that’s a big deal.

Not to mention shooting through full-health allies. While “pre-healing” was kinda-sorta useful, it pales in comparison to being able to not have any wasted shots. You can actually stand with your tanks and not have to worry about them blocking a shot meant for an enemy, or worse, an ally who is actually in danger.


i think you’re missing the point, this wouldnt make tracer useless at all she’ll still be dangerous to ana but it gives the ana an actual chance

also hitting tracer is not easy at all