"Hide and Rez" - The Double Standard

Well would you complain about a huge buff given to your main? They never asked for it but they never complained about it either because why would they?

I’m sure they asked for it.

Lmao, ”Hide n res” worked really well against bad team comps and often always failed against good teams.

Cool. Keep telling yourself that.

It was used in masters and GM matches. I have video proof that it was a thing.

Omg. I cba to explain how garbage that strategy was so I’ll just quote this from titanium:


Nobody likes blatant dishonesty in an argument.

Cool. I was wrong for saying that no one asked for it. Now I can say that one person asked for it… Also, blatant dishonesty? When you’re trying to tell me that ”Hide n Res” was a successful strategy? HUNNY, you need to get back to Earth ASAP.

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Because it was. Do you want me to post more proof?

Edit: And not cool, because you’re willing to say anything to get what you want.

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Cool. Keep on posting more people asking for invincibility and I’ll just keep on adding one more person to the original statement… Surely, by then you can understand what I’m trying to insinuate…

No need. I already proved my case.

Hmm? That a small handful of people asked for invulnerability on the old forums (which makes up less than 1/5 of the entire Overwatch community)? Yeah you really did prove that! Also, you were trying to prove that Mercy mains asked for invulnerability when what you linked doesn’t prove that all. The OP and the 3 agreeing with him have private profiles… You didn’t prove anything… I’ll give you an E for effort.

Okay… so you are talking about counterplay. I think people has already explained, but I’ll add one last thing to that. You know that currently you have Hammond, whose ult could be used on the corpses, countering mass rez immediately?

And about how to deal with mass rez. You don’t need 2-3 ults for her to use her rez. If you wasted so many ults, you deserved that punishment. Usually, with just one of them should be more than enough. Just save one, and if the angel is not dead or there, just wait her to come with your ult ready. Then you use it, and bam, tf won, potg and possibly game won. The only difference was that you had to play smart instead of throwing everything like a mad man, knowing that you have uncounterable combos out there.

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But, ”ItS noT a coUNteR If ITS UseD AFTer!”

Hiding and ulting, then using your skill to kill the enemies by catching them off guard = skill
Your teammates all die by making dumb mistakes, then you press a single button and they’re back alive = not skill

How’s skill relevant if they are both hiding which is clearly what Blizzard dislikes?

Because, while both are using auditory cues to decide when to act, one needs to do things after they press a single button, and the enemy has a chance for counterplay. The other, presses a button and brings back their whole team.

Both have counter play. Both have a high chance of flopping. Both are hiding. Get over it.

I’m a D.Va main tank/support flex and mercy is my second most played hero, but go off I guess

This is so true :frowning: Nice video!