Hey devs, wanna fix the queue times?

I’m expecting DoubleBarrier, as that’s what has been trending in Top500.

Although it might be a version that includes Reinhardt.

And even then, that wouldn’t be relevant to +95% of Overwatch players, if the top 0.01% could make Winston or D.va work.

Let me tell you about a magical place called openQ :smiley:

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id say theres 0% chance rein is meta, sig orisa should just get pounded by dive but its possible, winston dva seems like the only tankline that wont just fall over while synergistic with tracer. and like i said, im not all that bothered by ranks that think rein zarya mercy is the best comp rn

Fortify, Kinetic Grasp, Accretion, ShieldBash, RepairPack, Inspire, and Immorality Field will probably block most of that.

And even still, like said, even if they can get Winston or D.va to work, it’s not going to have much relevance to D.va and Winston pickrates on ladder.

if theyre on brig sig maybe go zarya ana, but zen mercy hanzo tracer winston dva will out sustain that comp as long as the winston plays passive

Well like said, I’m all about having Tank variety on ladder.

Even if OWL teams can get that to work, I doubt and of it will shift Tank pickrates enough to benefit queue times.

Where as gutting anti-Dive peel to enable fun mobility Tanks that don’t require a huge learning curve, having Rein equivalent barriers on Orisa and Sigma, and buffing Healthpacks to benefit Tanks, would increase Tank usage a lot.

Experimental Mode – Hero Balance January 2021

i think at lower ranks its just a perception of meta rather than anything else, comfort ability takes priority from what ive seen (hence why mercy and zarya are strong as they are popular heroes)

I think lower skill tiers take a lot more poke damage, and trash damage than other skill tiers, and do less and slower coordinated pushes.

So being able to soak poke damage with barriers is very important. And currently Rein is the only Tank capable of doing that.

In addition, it you look at lower skill tiers. The capability of Tanks to heal or strong barrierheal, without healers is important.

It’s a large portion of why Winston, D.va and Orisa suck at lower skill tiers. Because if a healer flat out ignores them (or dies too often), then they are functionally useless. Because they don’t really have any selfheals outside of Ults.

We need less tanks or no tanks at all. Tanks ruined OW.

so why zarya with the rein, if you wanted that most tanks would be better than zarya

Both Zarya and Rein can do just fine with their selfheals.

Zarya is effectively a 200hp hero as far as healthpacks go.

And Rein gets 200 barrierhp per second.

Or if you are talking about fights, if Orisa and Sigma were weaker at close range, then Rein/Zarya would be a strong threat at close range.

Idk if there is a scenario where that can be done “right”. People will want to tank even less. Also once when the tank dies, the outcome of the fight is pretty much decided.

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If you’re going to make it so that there’s only one tank, isn’t the only way for that to work is to give every tank what they usually look to their partner tank for? For example, Rein as solo tank would need what Zarya typically does for him. Orisa would need either a non-environmental kill confirm from Halt or double barrier.

do people actually rely on health packs? outside of ball and specific maps ofc

if hes afk doing nothing for a few seconds

mmh… no.

Solo tanking at the “classic QP” was one of the reasons ppl hate playing tanks.

Even when you chad buff tanks, the half of the roster won’t work for solo tanking. And you put even more preasure on tank players with this. And I don’t like say you double the presure on them, because they play the only tank, you set them against 3 DPS who shot, stun and punch you around and they should still be mentaly stable? It’s not gonna happen chief.

wrong. The problem right now is that as damage you’re not gonna neglect the damage barrier between you and the enemy team if they can dedicate two tanks to handicapping your efforts plus their supports helping them.

With only one tank, 3 dps can easily outmaneuver him to get to the team he’s trying to defend. Also, the tanks are more supportive than damage in the 1-3-2 experiment.

Do you guys actually understand that on 1-3-2 the tanks are actually revised?

Like rein firestrike could induce snare when hit, charge could be on resource. also have a passive damage reduction when shield is inactive.
Dva could have a deployable matrix that stays for a few seconds and she can go elsewhere knowing her team is safe behind it (except from beam)
Zarya can multibubble, maybe make E ability actually target the enemy so it can’t do attacks without bursting the bubble first until it expires. Great for cancelling flankers that think they have a good shot on your healers. It’s sort of like current E, but you can focus the threat instead, since shift multi-bubbles around you.
Ball can… be ball I guess, except he can aoe temp shield when it’s active.
Hog can aoe heal with breather + give the same damage reduction.
Sigma could pretty much stay the same, but he could transform the kinetic grasp stuff into actual shield if he presses ability button again while it’s active. He could also float by holding space.
Winston could actually leave an electrified after-effect on player that keep being zapped for 2 more seconds (small amounts of health, but enough to make flankers want to leave supports alone. He could have two jumps like jr to be able to properly support his team. shield could be imploded by pressing shield button again, causing a dva-bomb like boop with barely any damage, just to repel incoming meatball attacks.

This, of course, goes with tune downs on actual damage output.

And that’s just from the top of my head. Things can change and actually suit tanks to be viable

Dunno about anyone else but as a Plat player, I can or the first time say that queues have been very good lately.

queue times aren’t too bad anymore. maybe reduce the amount of priority passes to add more value.

I thought the current priqueue has worked pretty damn well.

I’ve been impressed with the result.

I mean it’s more than expected, but they also seem like the additional bump is from weaker matchmaking.

Also I kinda wonder how well it will perform in another 2 months or more.